Pigeon Racing Formula – Secrets of Champions Revealed


Pigeon Racing Formula – Secrets of Champions Revealed



If you have been struggling to place in races, frustrated with the results you have gotten so far maybe even getting ready to quit the sport all together then WAIT,….this may be the most important message you will ever read.

pigeon-racing-formula-logo“The Winners Guide To Pigeon Racing”


This program will help you mimic the Ace fanciers and champion lofts and get the same winning results that they do year after year.

Gone are the days of trial and error, frustration, mediocre results and failure.

It will get you on the fast track to success.

It was developed to help struggling and frustrated fanciers.

You’ll discover the same loft tested techniques and race winning strategies that the champion pigeon fanciers are using right now and how you can clone these techniques and strategies to work for you!

So what is this all about?…

It is based on our loft-tested race-winning pigeon racing formula. This breakthrough formula will walk you through six modules for dominating the race results and following in the champion pigeon fanciers footsteps.


You’ll get:

Module 1 The Loft & Loft Management – The loft is an integral part to any winning fanciers success get it wrong and your results could be doomed from the start.

Module 2 Stock Selection – The statement “your loft is only as good as the birds that are in it” could not be any more true, when you fill your loft with proven champions your chances of success actually triple.

Module 3 Feeding And Nutrition – It doesn’t matter which animal or species you are talking about nutrition is one of the most important variables in the overall care and health of that animal. Nutrition, genetics, breeding, health, conditioning and your own loft management skills will determine your lofts performance and without proper nutrition the other five mean absolutely nothing.

Module 4 Breeding And Mating – Breeding and mating is probably the first pitfall that many fanciers come across and ultimately result in them getting frustrated and quitting the sport all together, Ironically though it is also one of the most important aspects to pigeon racing and something that cannot be overlooked.

Module 5 Training And Conditioning – A properly trained athlete is a strong athlete and a strong athlete is a fast one and this holds especially true in pigeon racing, In order to get your birds flying home at lightning speed they need to be properly trained and conditioned to do so.

This course was created for pigeon fanciers by pigeon fanciers and is truly one of the most comprehensive guides that you will ever find and will help you no matter if you are a champion fancier or a complete newbie.

Remember, nothing will change until you take action. If you want to be successful at pigeon racing, you’ve got to do something different than what you’ve been doing all this time.

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Pigeon Racing Formula – Secrets of Champions Revealed