Pick Up Artist Academy: Ultimate Monthly Coaching Program for Men




Pick Up Artist Academy: Ultimate Monthly Coaching Program for Men


Become a NATURAL with Women: Here’s The Revolutionary Program That Will Get Girls Magnetically Attracted To You, Give You Women To Choose From, and Get You Laid.

Introducing… Pick Up Artist Academy: Ultimate Monthly Coaching Program for Men


Basically, this revolutionary program presents a step-by-step method that will guide you all the way from approaching a woman, to sex, relationship and everything in between. This will be the only dating product you will ever need. It has lessons on inner-game, online dating, confidence-boosting techniques, sex tips to give her wild orgasms, threesomes, and more.

It works.

So, here’s how it’s going down.

When you enroll in Pick Up Artist Academy: Ultimate Monthly Coaching Program for Men, you get weekly lessons and coaching right on your computer.

That’s right – every single week you will be sent a training lesson and in-field assignments.

The assignments are simple and progressive. If you get nervous approaching girls, no need to worry because you’ll learn a technique that will eliminate your fear in seconds.

You will come out of this program a new man. You will be the guy women are obsessing over. You will be the Man other guys get jealous over because women want you.

The Pick Up Artist Academy: Ultimate Monthly Coaching Program for Men covers all aspects of dating and we break it down into 5 main categories.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find inside this kick-ass program:

5 Key Areas To Becoming A Pick Up Artist

1. Conquer The Approach

This is all about mastering the first encounter with a woman. This stage will not only eliminate any fear you have of approaching woman, but will make you so confident, your friends are going to wonder where you got those balls of steel.

We reveal the secrets to approaching a girl wherever you may find her… in a coffee shop, on the street, eating dinner with her mom, in a group with her friends, in a bar, etc.

You will know exactly what to say to any girl you want to meet… and you will know exactly how TURN HER ON and create attraction within the first 30 seconds.

Say goodbye to hesitating ever again.

  • A simple “works every time” way to approach a woman anywhere that makes her not only see you as an attractive sexy man she MUST get to know… but actually gets her TURNED ON as she’s talking to you. (The best part is you can learn it right away and start using it immediately)
  • How to stop anxiety and nervousness in seconds – Be calm and confident during the most intense situations. Even if there was a nuclear holocaust in your backyard.
  • How to get even more dates with online dating strategies including how to build a seductive profile that gets women messaging you, and copy and paste emails that will get girls giving you their number.
  • The “almost too easy” way to get the attention of the hottest woman in the bar, meet her, and then get her to buy you a drink right before you take her home.

2. Alpha Mindset for Effortless Attraction

Within these modules, we will shred every ounce of neediness and insecurity in your body. You will emerge as a leading man. You will be able to lead beautiful women, your friends, and also your life.

You will be exposed to secrets of female psychology and how to trigger their sexual attraction towards you. After the alpha mindset is instilled within you, you will know what to do in any situation.

  • Why you suck at dating… and how a simple shift in thinking will not only make it easier and more fun, but will also result in a tsunami of dates… fast.
  • A subtle and simple technique that will TURN HER ON more than any other guy in the room, not by anything you say, but just by being in your presence she will want to rip your clothes off.
  • You will learn the ONE thing most guys do that actually repels women away and is the main reason why women cheat (you probably do it without knowing).
  • How to not only pass all of her “shit tests”, but reframe them so she has to qualify herself to you.
  • You will learn what “bad boys” do to give women a rush of adrenaline and keep her craving for more and how you can use it without being an “asshole.”
  • How To Be The Alpha Male wherever you go and have confidence so solid that nothing shakes you, not even other alpha males.
  • The one thing you must NEVER Do when approaching a woman, and by not doing this, she will see you as different from all of the other guys and want you even more.


3. Communicating Persuasively

When you talk, do people listen? These modules will show you how to communicate with Power and Attraction. After you complete these, your body language will ooze confidence, you will seduce women with your voice, and create an attraction so powerful with your eyes that women will practically fall into a trance.

We can’t talk about communicating without covering “conversations with women”. ”What do you say after hi?” “How do you get her number?” “How do you ask for the date?” “What do you talk about on the first date?” “What do you do when you run out of things to say?” “How do you take her back to your place?”

Conversations will be second nature to you and you will know what to say in all of these situations. Your friends will start calling you “Gift of Gab.”

  • Exactly what to say after you meet her so that you build instant attraction, keep the conversation flowing, and make her Chase You.
  • Where to take a girl on a date and what to talk about so that she feels deeply attracted to you. (From there you can keep it cool or take her home… its up to you)
  • How to get girls to approach YOU by using the social circle game.
  • Easy to use, powerful conversation techniques so you never run out of things to say and speak with a power that will keep both men and women hanging on your every word, following your every move, and acknowledging you with respect.
  • The definitive Guide to talking on the phone –What to say and how to use the power of your voice so you seduce her before you even get the date.(Don’t be surprised if SHE tries to kiss you FIRST when you do this)
  • 3 Great Ways to Tease women that builds up powerful sexual tension that gives her no choice but to make aggressive advances towards you.

4. Sex & Relationships

Now past dating and onto more intimate connections with women. Do you want an amazing girlfriend? We guide you through the steps so you don’t screw it up. Here is where we get you primed for being a sex legend. Giving your girl mind-blowing orgasms… threesomes? You got it.

  • How to get a hot and amazing girlfriend, and how to create an attraction so deep she wants to give you the utmost sexual pleasure.
  • How to give a woman wild screaming orgasms to the point where she can’t stop thinking about you during the day and craves to have sex with you every single night.
  • How to escalate all the way to the bedroom.

5. Pick Up Artist Academy: Ultimate Monthly Coaching Program for Men Mastery

Here is where you step up and we let you in on advanced dating strategies. No more messing around. Do you want the hottest girl in the room? Do you want the girl of your dreams? We show you how.

  • The advanced strategies for meeting women at bars, clubs, and lounges.
  • How to be a High Value Man so that women will become magnetically drawn to you without them consciously knowing why.
  • How to throw away the lines, tricks and gimmicks that only take you so far with women and develop a powerful INNER ENERGY that magnetically attracts women to the REAL YOU
  • The Dating strategies that will get you women who used to be “out of your league” and have all your guy friends begging you to teach them how they can do it too.
  • How to set up a social circle full of hot women and cool guys so that when you go out, other girls naturally want to join in on the fun.

There you have it… Jam packed lessons that will rock your world.

No other dating course on the market will give you this level of premium training so that you become successful with women. You are not only learning these Secret methods, but also secret strategies from other top dating gurus.

This course is based off of female psychology and will show you how to bring out the powerful attractive man inside of you so that women desire to be with you on a biological level.


Why This Program Is Different From Everything Else Out There

This is the only program dedicated to take you from where you are now to a Pick Up Artist. That being said, if you want an Amazing Girlfriend or you want to sleep with lots of women, this program is for you. You will have the power to attract the women you choose and you get to decide how you use that power.

It is a progressive system that guides you from the beginner level to the guru level. You will have weekly training videos/audios with weekly infield missions to keep you moving and improving.

This is an interactive program with weekly missions and assignments. Not only that, the weekly coaching calls will help answer your questions and help you stay accountable.

This program is taught with some of the best hand selected Dating Experts in the world. You will get the world class dating strategies from the guys that know it best.

This program is dedicated to bringing you dating success at the core of being a man. It will not just give you a bunch of techniques and lines, but by the time you graduate, you will naturally exude the qualities of an attractive man. In other words, by the end of this course, meeting gorgeous women will feel natural to you.

Every other dating company wants to sell you tons of different cd’s and programs. They want to keep you a customer for life. Once you use this program and graduate, you will never need another dating product ever again.

You’ll learn everything from inner game mindsets, overcoming approach anxiety, body language, voice tonality, NLP and approaching women during the day (day game) to instant attraction techniques, getting women to chase you, calling and texting women (text and phone game), rapid escalation, same night sex, online game, first date strategies, relationship management and more! Not only will you learn from Artisan, voted “Best New Pick Up Artist” in the World, you’ll also learn from guest pick up artists Badboy, David Wygant, Vince Kelvin, Adam Lyons, Hydro, Elizabeth Everett and many more!

Are you ready and willing to get the pick up artist skills and mindset you need to attract all the beautiful women you want?

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Pick Up Artist Academy: Ultimate Monthly Coaching Program for Men