Pick Up Artist Academy Review


Pick Up Artist Academy Review


I’m really excited to give a review of  Pick Up Artist Academy – the only monthly training program of its kind, consisting of…

1) weekly lessons – starting from the basics and overcoming approach anxiety to day game and an advanced escalation
2) weekly video seminars and audio programs – to learn exactly what to do to get the women you want
3) weekly infield assignments – to get real-life practice and experience
4) weekly live phone coaching – to learn in real-time and get all your questions answered


Why is this program so effective?

Because just like anything in life, getting “amazing” with women takes time and dedication.

This program gives you up to 6-months of training to take you from an “average” guy to a master PUA.

Go check it out now for only $9.97 for the first month!

That’s only an introductory price and will go up since we can only have a small number of guys on the weekly calls.

So, take advantage of this!

Artisan usually charge $3,000 – $5,000 for coaching… .this is your opportunity to get a full month of coaching for less than 5 bucks!!!

That’s a month of coaching for less than a cup of coffee!

You’ll discover you….

– A rejection-free way to kiss a girl
– How to escalate super rapidly
– How to have a stronger frame than the girl
– What to do if she turns away from the kiss and how to go for the kiss again
– The proper way to touch her

You’ll learn:

– A simple 3-step system for picking up women in any situation during the day
– How to “close” in less than 90 seconds
– How to get her to CHASE YOU
– What to say to “open” or start the conversation any girl
– How to spark instant attraction
– And MORE!

As a bonus you’ll also get…

1) Interviews with the best dating gurus
2) Best PUA dating resources
3) Discounts on live boot camps and 1-on-1 training

Enjoy the monthly training program and all the free stuff.

CLICK on the link below to check it out.

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