Photoshop in a Day – Book Review


Photoshop in a Day – Book Review


Photoshop In A Day is a training manual which makes Photoshop simple, quick and almost effortless.


All the features of CS6, CS5, CS4 and earlier versions are fully covered.

With the easy to follow step-by-step tutorials, you could be using Photoshop with confidence in just one day, and then go on to master it like an expert!

The program is packed with EASY step-by-step instructions and over 200 images so learning becomes so, so simple. In fact, it’s pretty much a blueprint for turning yourself into a Photoshop expert.

The program doesn’t frazzle your brain with hundreds of boring paragraphs and pages of boring text.

It is broken down into very small and simple tutorials which you follow step-by- step. Hundreds of screenshots are provided so you can see exactly what you have to do. There’s absolutely no jargon whatsoever. It’s easy even if you’ve never used Photoshop in your life!

The instructions will allow you to do dozens of different skills and techniques yourself. It’s fun and exciting as you follow the instructions to create your own graphics and transform your own images, and you’ll be learning while you do it!

It is ideal for advanced users through to complete novices

The tutorials are progressive, so you follow them at your own pace and gradually learn more advanced methods. It means you can start with the basics and gradually turn yourself into a Photoshop wizard who can manipulate any image at will!

You will gradually build layers on your existing Photoshop knowledge, so whether you’re on page 1 or page 100, Photoshop In A Day will always remain simple and hassle-free.

With your new-found knowledge you can:

• Amaze your family and friends by editing and transforming your own photographs.
• ‘Airbrush’ images just like in the magazines.
• Edit images to make money. People pay well for someone who can use Photoshop like a pro.
• Create graphics such as logos and flyers for your own ideas, for friends, for family, or even for clients.

Photoshop In A Day contains over 600 PAGES contain hundreds of small, simple and concise exercises to follow as you read with hundreds of illustrations and screenshots.

The manual comes with over 200 practice images for you to work on.

With the manual displayed on the screen, a practice image can be on the screen beside it. The instructions can then be followed easily while you work on the images.

Some sample pages can be downloaded so you see exactly what you will be buying. The sample pages from Photoshop In A Day will give you a good idea of the style of the full manual.

Free Special Bonus – Happier Snaps


Buy Photohsop In A Day and it comes with Happier Snaps – a unique guide on taking more successful photographs.

It is made for people who want to take better pictures and contains no jargon and no technical stuff.

Clear, simple and easy-to-follow tips to take better photos of landscapes, town scenes, sports and people – and it’s FREE with the manual.

Start Immediately

Complete beginners can start working on real tasks in Photoshop within minutes.

The numbered step-by-step instructions are clear and precise and make for easy progress.

Save Time

Descriptions are jargon-free and the clarity of the tutorials in this quick-learning system will save you time. Every user of Photoshop will find new knowledge, new information and new tips and tricks.

Avoid Confusion

You won’t get bogged down in a mass of instructions all at once. One topic is focused on at a time and the tutorials are small and specific. Information is in small manageable sections and divided into individual practical subjects.

Improve Creativity

Creativity will increase as you gain more command over new techniques.

Create images you could never do before. Old photos can be re-used and rescued. Develop them for sale on the net to make extra money from newly created images.

It can be great fun and give a good sense of achievement.

It has been specially designed to make the learning process as easy as possible. Complete beginners can start doing genuine tasks within minutes.

The tutorials are presented as clear step-by-step instructions with bullet points and they will save you time. The simple and easy-to-follow style aids comprehension and means you will be able to learn in less time.

It has easy-to-follow tutorials which are broken down in small manageable sections. One of the characteristics that makes it so popular is that new information is introduced gradually and when required, rather than thrust on the user in one go.

You will be able to progress at your own pace as knowledge is built up gradually. The clear instructions and lack of jargon mean there is not the confusion found in other manuals.

The tutorials are laid out in a way that the learning process moves along in a natural manner, providing just enough new information to build up your knowledge without confusion.

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