Photography Masterclass – DSLR for Beginners


Photography Masterclass – DSLR for Beginners




Photography Masterclass – DSLR for Beginners is a set of 29 videos totaling 11 hours and 26 minutes of in-depth training that will show you how to get the most out of any DSLR-camera.

Each video thoroughly explains something you need to know to become a better photographer… FAST.

These videos in Photography Masterclass – DSLR for Beginners are hosted and streamed online so you can watch them immediately, from any device with a web browser and internet connection.

The 29 videos in Photography Masterclass – DSLR for Beginners are separated into 4 Modules for quick, easy reference. You can go through them from start-to-finish… or watch what’s important for you now and next time you’re stuck, come back for more information and inspiration.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside Photography Masterclass – DSLR for Beginners

Module 1: Mastering Your Digital SLR Camera

Number of videos: 9
Total running time: 2 hours, 26 minutes

Get a comprehensive walkthrough of DSLR-camera functions; find out the best settings for just about any situation you’ll experience as a photographer.

After this training you’ll have a practical understanding of how the camera works, which is much better than simply reading the manufacturers instruction booklet.

Highlights of Module 1 include:

  • Comprehensive training on fundamentals that apply to every DSLR-camera – it doesn’t matter what camera you have or borrow, as long as it’s a-DSLR.
  • Getting comfortable in Full Manual Mode where you have total control over the Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Focus, White Balance, Flash Modes, Metering Modes, and Shooting Modes
  • Shooting Indoors, Outdoors, Bright Environments, Low-Light Landscapes, Low-Light Stills and many other situations
  • Learn all you need to know about shooting in RAW
  • Learn how to correctly read a histogram
  • And More…

Using your camera will be natural and intuitive after completing Module 1. Imagine knowing what every setting and button does – and when to use them. You’ll finally be comfortable in full Manual Mode!

Value: $97 – Knowing how to master a DSLR-camera is easily worth that, but you can do it for less because I’m giving a special offer today.

Module 2: Photography-Equipment

Number of videos: 6
Total running time: 2 hours, 33 minutes

Receive a complete introduction to photography-equipment; know what gear is essential and what products should be avoided, and why.

These insights will help you create better photos, save you a lot of time and potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Equipment reviewed in detail:

  • Camera Bodies – What should you look for in a camera body – since all DSLR-cameras take good pictures? Who is the best person to talk to before buying any camera? When should you buy the cheapest-DSLR – not the latest model?
  • Camera Features – When is updating your camera a bad idea? What sensor size should you get? When does being able to take photos with a fast Frames Per Second (FPS) rate matter? Why does megapixel count not matter?
  • Lens Types and Configurations – Why are lenses the most important thing you’ll buy? Should you buy brand-name or third-party lenses? What Focal Lengths should you consider? Are specialty lenses really worth the money?
  • Filters – What 4 filters does every serious photographer own? Should you buy filters that are coated, or not? When should a filter be used, and when should they be avoided?
  • Lighting – Should you use monolights or speedlights? Why should you care about using TTL? Are manual flashes safe to use? What are the best wireless flashes? What light modifiers should you start with?
  • Accessories – All the miscellaneous stuff you need but haven’t thought about yet. What are the best batteries to have in your kit? The best strap? What type of storage solution is best for your kit?

You’ll see all the equipment in action and how it applies to the “big picture”.

Value: $77

Module 3: Composition and Shot Planning

Number of videos: 9
Total running time: 3 hours, 35 minutes

Module 3 is everyone’s favorite. You’ll discover the secrets of the pros; how to create your own brilliant, captivating, and memorable photographs.

This power can literally change your life for the better. It has worked for hundreds of other photographers.

If you want to “crack the code” and get to the next level, whether it’s freelancing, selling your photos, getting published, being recognized online or locally… or whatever goal would truly make you happy… this information is the key to getting there.

You’ll see:

  • Universal mistakes everybody is doomed to make when starting off in photography and how to avoid them
  • What makes a good photo and what makes a bad photo
  • Psychological Triggers
  • Framing, Balance, Color
  • The Rule of Thirds
  • Leading Lines
  • Symmetry & Pattern
  • Depth of Field & Field of View
  • Dynamics, Motion & Mergers
  • Outdoor Light Management
  • Light Set-Ups for aesthetically pleasing portraits
  • And More…

Please understand, the principles taught in Module 3 have transformed new and struggling photographers into global icons. This stuff is at the core of major careers. Applying these methods will build the foundation of your success.

Without Photography Masterclass – DSLR for Beginners you’ll spend years searching and experimenting to learn these concepts.

Value: $197.

Module 4: Post-Production and Software

Number of videos: 5
Total running time: 2 hours, 52 minutes

What software do you need? That depends on how many features you want.

In Module 4 you’ll see:

  • An honest comparison of Adobe products
  • A condensed tour that’ll help you decide what software is best for you right now
  • How to download trial programs and use all of their features without spending a dime
  • How to professionally develop images inside of Adobe Lightroom
  • How Photoshop Elements can give professional results on a budget
  • How to use the full version of Adobe Photoshop to edit and create extra-ordinary images

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Photography Masterclass – DSLR for Beginners