Petsumer Report – Pet Food Advisor


Petsumer Report – Pet Food Advisor


What is Petsumer Report – Pet Food Advisor?

It is an online pet-food information database providing subscribers with vital information on over 3,500 dog-foods, cat-foods, and pet treats (new products added each month). Subscribers have 24/7 access to information the pet-food label does not provide.

Do I have to download the reviews to my computer?

No, all the reviews are hosted online. Simply login and click on the dog-food or cat-food brand you’d like more information on. It’s quick and easy to compare thousands of pet-foods and treats.

What kind of information does it provide?

Petsumer Report – Pet Food Advisor gives subscribers alerts to risky ingredients, ingredient country of origin (U.S. only or imports), grade or quality of meat ingredients, list of health promoting ingredients, recall history, and much more! Plus, it actually teaches subscribers how to select/review a pet-food on their own! Reviews include a “Learn More” section providing detailed information on regulations, scientific studies, and/or ingredient definitions.



Who subscribes to it?

Thousands have subscribed from all over the world. Although the reviews in it only apply to foods-sold in the U.S. and Canada, pet-owners from countries all over the world have subscribed (Amsterdam, UK, Tailand, Israel, South Africa, China, Denmark, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Canada, U.S., and counting). Pet-owners, breeders, shelters, rescue groups, pet store owners, veterinarians and even pet-food marketing professionals (checking out the competition) have subscribed.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, you have a full 60 days to look over.

What It is NOT…

  • It is NOT an endorsement of ANY pet-food.
  • It does NOT guarantee any pet-food is safe from recall; even the best company can make a mistake.
  • It does NOT pick/choose a pet-food for you. Each-pet is different, each pet-food consumer is different.
  • It simply provides you with the information that the dog-food or cat-food label does not or can not tell you in order to make an informed decision of what to feed your dog or cat. And don’t expect state-of-the-art website design either; It is a simple design (easy to read).

It saves you the time consuming job of calling the manufacturer and learning details about the-food. It makes it easy for you to compare brands with access to the pertinent information.

Included in reviews (over 3,500!)…

  • Separate List of quality meat proteins. Some-foods provide zero – some provide six or more!
  • Separate List of health promoting ingredients. Flax seed, alfalfa, and kelp are known health promoting ingredients. Some-foods have none of these – others have all three.
  • Special Note: if pet-food contains controversial ingredients. Example: Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex is a controversial pet-food ingredients. Some-foods stay clear of the controversy – some don’t.
  • Special Note: if pet-food contains by-products, chemical preservatives, and animal fat (ingredient determined by the FDA to be most likely to contain euthanized animals).
  • Special Note: if pet-food contains chelated or proteinated minerals (for best mineral absorption).
  • Special Note: if pet-food contains probiotics (friendly bacteria that benefits the intestinal system and in turn the immune system of the-pet), and if the company guarantees probiotics to be live and viable.
  • Pet-Food Company information; who and where the-food is manufactured, any special safety or quality control certifications.
  • History of pet-food recall information; with link to FDA recall page.

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