Personal Hand to Hand Combat DVD Lessons: 15 Brutal Fight Enders


Personal Hand to Hand Combat DVD Lessons: 15 Brutal Fight Enders


Knowing these simple “bam-bam he’s out” fighting tricks means instant respect… a fearless new sense of calm… … and an enormous boost in self-confidence that infuses every part of your life.

These nasty techniques have been specifically chosen (from thousands) because they’re:

  • Simple. So easy in fact that ANYONE, no matter what your size, strength or skill level, (even if you’ve never been in a fight before in your life), can use them almost instantly.
  • Easy to learn. These moves require NO special knowledge or skills. Watch them just ONCE… practice them if you want, (it’s not necessary)… then use it tomorrow if need be.
  • Devastatingly effective. It’s all over in 4 to 7 seconds. Lights out… fight over… with YOU on top. The tactics and techniques you’ll discover have all been PROVEN in REAL combat – with blood on the line — to gain an instant advantage… inflict nightmarish pain… and put an opponent away in seconds.

This is for real.

You’re about to get a true insider’s peek into an astonishing world of combat instruction that few people ever get a chance to see. Stuff that can transform you into a mega-dangerous fighter – very quickly.

It would be impossible for anyone (even me) to start over and rebuild this collection for any amount of money.

Which is exactly why this so important to YOU.

Introducing… Personal Hand to Hand Combat DVD Lessons: 15 Brutal Fight Enders


On the street… or in the office… playing pool in a bar… walking to the store with your wife…

… taking a whiz at a gas station… coming out of the movies with your kids… wherever…

You will most likely be confronted and attacked by someone BIGGER and stronger than you.

It’s true. A fact that’s been 100% confirmed by FBI “white papers” and crime stats.

Another thing… the police are NOT your personal bodyguards.

No. In fact – with all due respect – cops show up AFTERWARDS… to snap grisly photos, draw chalk-lines, write up reports, and clean up the blood.

What’s the point? Just this: When it hits the fan – and some goon decides he likes the look of your wife… or climbs through your kid’s bedroom window… or just thinks it’d be funny for him and his buddies to humiliate, beat and rob you…

… having a handful of simple and devastating moves to quickly dominate and end a confrontation in seconds – with your opponent shocked, dismayed, and running for his life — would be extremely valuable to know…

Wouldn’t you agree?

It also means a major boost to your own personal confidence-level too.

Have you ever noticed how some men… even small guys… can walk into a room and everything changes?

You know… that “EF Hutton” pause when the band stops playing, girls turn their heads, and other guys nervously clear their throats.

It’s weird isn’t it? Because it’s almost NEVER about “good looks”…

… but that strange and unknown quality called “confidence”.

It attracts women… commands respect and loyalty… and without saying a word, puts thugs on “notice” that you’re not to be messed with.

And once you KNOW – deep down – how to inflict instant vicious consequences against anyone who dares screw with you or your family, you will suddenly possess the kind of supreme confidence…

That others notice from across a crowded room.

And THAT is what this is all about.

Here’s just a small taste of what’s in this intensive 100-minute “Personal Hand to Hand Combat DVD Lessons: 15 Brutal Fight Enders”:

  • How to use a single knuckle-blow (using very little pressure) into an easy-to-hit pressure point to bring a man of ANY size to his knees in excruciating pain. (It’s almost funny to see little kids and small women use this to dominate full grown men).
  • A very cool “upside-down handshake” trick used by savvy bar bouncers to stop trouble just as it’s about to start. Land him on his knees in seconds with YOU in total control (he’ll be obeying your every command).
  • A simple “human pliers” move that will shred through flesh and muscle and send him reeling into shock. It’s a bloody and ruthless technique – but it’ll instantly strip away his willingness to fight (and convince ALL his pals that you are NOT playing around).
  • FOUR simple “improvised” weapons that can be instantly lethal when used properly. This is how you’ll take ordinary objects and turn them into vicious fighting tools that he WON’T be expecting.
  • A single deadly strike that will either (a.) instantly knock him unconscious or – with slightly more force applied – (b.) disconnect his spinal cord from his skull. This is as wicked as it get.
  • A very nifty “underhand lace” move that uses the back of his neck and the “V” of your leg to snap his arm like a pretzel while you choke him out. Yes… wicked and humiliating (for him)… but so simple and effective it’ll all be over in seconds.
  • One hell of a wicked “shoulder roll” leg-bar (very simple to do) for anyone stupid enough to bear-hug you from behind. It’s shocking how quick this will “pop” his knee… and leave him begging for a ride to the emergency room.
  • And much, much more…

…The vicious “distract and pivot” that takes advantage of easy soft-targets that MOST people leave wide open…

…How to properly use your knee cap (most experienced streetfighters don’t even know this trick) for maximum damage…

…The punishing “nose bridge” (looks innocent enough, but inflicts mind-numbing pain)…

…The blinding “thumb rake” (one hell of a brutal move)…

…An Israeli Special Forces bone crusher (doesn’t require a lot of force, but highly effective in shattering specific delicate bones)… and on and on.

It’s all here…

And Plenty MORE!

This collection is impossible to get anywhere else. It’s two decades worth of hard work – owned and produced by my own company.

Okay… knowing this does NOT mean you’re about to become some kind of knuckle-dragging jerk.

No. You can remain the smart, sweet guy that you are… knowing that you could take care of business if you really had to…

… handling trouble with a new sense of calm… as if your body were suddenly a cocked and loaded weapon.

People can smell that kind of confidence from a mile away…

… and punks and criminals tend to stay away. And idiots – even big dumb idiots – think twice before starting trouble.

There’s nothing quite like the rock-solid surety that comes with knowing how to “take care of business” if you really have to.

It means you can just smile and walk away from silly confrontations… or end it in a flash if things get serious. Your choice.

Protecting yourself and your family is YOUR job as a man.

And, heaven forbid, when crunch time hits, and there’s no other choice, you’ll be damn glad you know this stuff.

The Personal Combat DVD Lessons: 15 Brutal Fight Enders is that powerful.

For a safer life…

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Personal Hand to Hand Combat DVD Lessons: 15 Brutal Fight Enders