Paying Monthly Fee to Create High Converting Landing Pages? STOP!


Paying Monthly Fee to Create High Converting Landing Pages? STOP!


If you pay a monthly fee to create high converting landing pages… STOP! Cancel Your Subscription. This Is Much Better.

People Are Leaving Leadpages… This Is Why…

What’s cheaper? $19.95/month for 2 years… OR $29 once? (HINT: It’s the second one…)

Now, what if you were getting FEWER features from the $19.95/month service than the one time $29 payment? Sounds awesome, right?

Wrong. And yet, this is the EXACT scheme that most “point & click” page building companies are running. They want you to pay a monthly fee for “hosting” while constantly asking you to upgrade, upgrade, upgrade just to get ANY of the features and functions that you REALLY need to build robust and high converting sales pages. It’s crazy town. And that’s why I am sending you this email today. Because I just found out that you can get EVERYTHING that those monthly subscription services offer in a robust sales funnel page builder…

• mobile responsive design
• double (and even triple) opt-ins
• AR integration
• expensive looking design
• CVO elements built right into their structure
• and much, much more..

For just $29. Don’t believe me?

A powerful WordPress Drag & Drop Bundle

WPClick Bundle focuses on the key elements: the product itself, building trust and closing the deal. It’s very easy to customize, and it runs on the powerful WordPress platform!

Unlimited colors; banner with image, slider or video.
Very easy to customize: Just Drag&Drop Elements.
Just Install it and start designing your pages !

Imagine being able to create sales funnels with the click of you mouse that had ALL of that good stuff that I listed above… AND MORE! Just think of what that could do for your business to have a REAL sales funnel (the same kind of sales funnel that the 7 figure marketers have).

Over 500+ other marketers have already made the switch (because it’s a dang good deal) and already those marketers have generated THOUSANDS of dollars per day in revenues because they switched to a more affordable, more robust drag and drop visual page editor. No, you aren’t dreaming, and yes, this email is 100% legit.

WPClick Bundle will not only end your frustrations, but you’ll also save hours of precious time ! Focus your time on marketing your business instead of worrying about technical know-how. Let it do all the hard work for you!

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