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Are you dealing with sore, even bloody fingers (bitten to death), ringing ears (those sonic screams), or simply Parrot that refuses to speak… and you have no clue why he is mute as a fish, bites, or screams, despite your best determined efforts?

Owning Parrot is so emotionally involving, perhaps a nerve-wracking challenge, even outright dangerous in some cases!

Dang! Parrots can BITE!!!

If you haven’t already noticed, when some of these guys bite, they don’t mess around. You don’t want the razor-sharp “feathered-pruners” beaks snapping at your soft fingers… or worse… towards ears and eyes that look like leaves and fruit to an untrained, frightened, or frustrated Parrot…

And when your Parrot becomes, or IS already, a constant screamer?

Well, you already know… you’d be better off having a 16 year old rebel teen-ager in your home, who dreams of being a worshipped Rock Star, with his new Gibson electric guitar, distortion pedal, 200 watt Kenwood amplifier, and truckload of speakers… the point being…

Holy smokes! Parrots can SCREAM!!!

You know it’s getting bad when your guests involuntarily spill their drinks after a 80-decibel Parrot scream, or when someone sits down quickly, holding their heart, worried that they may be going into cardiac arrest!

Some birds even scream at night… talk about a sleepless, wide-awake nightmare… and not just for you, also for your local angry neighborhood!

Fortunately, It’s Far Easier Than You Think To Get Your Parrot To Talk And Behave Like A Charm

The good news is you really can do something about your current Parrot situation and improve it dramatically. You just need to understand your little guy, and then act accordingly with proven training techniques to keep him or her as your colorful “best of buds friends” in your home.

(Friends don’t bite and scream, and they are hopefully politely potty-trained).

It’s time you easily understand your Parrot’s simple needs, train him or her with techniques that work honest-to-goodness wonders, to live the constant, heart warming pleasure of keeping a Parrot that talks and plays like a small child, often so funny that they make you laugh to tears… And avoid the all-too-often tragic nightmare of a “ferocious caged rat with feathers”.

That was meant to be a funny exaggeration, but a mean Parrot that bites hard, or an ear-shattering screamer that gives you and your neighbors ZERO peace, or even a frightened, terrified Parrot that sees YOU as a giant evil monster, is far from funny, and no laughing matter…

We’re talking tears and blood… and it’s time to stop or prevent this bad behavior for good, or before it ever happens, and inspire the positive fun behavior, like talking and tricking… starting today!



No More Earplugs, No More Gloves… And For Goodness Sakes, Don’t Put Your Parrot In The Closet!

Who would put their Parrot in a closet?

Fortunately, (and unfortunately) only a small handful of Parrot owners put their birds in a closet, or some other unpleasant location, but it happens, more out of ongoing desperation than cruelty…

But please know…

No mean punishment will EVER get your Parrot to snap out of his “destructive or stubborn spoil-sport ways”… don’t force, you’ll only make things worse!

There’s a FAR easier, and an infinitely more effective way to get your bird to behave and perform… that can literally:

Start The Talking And Singing… Not just “hello” … get him to beg and plead for mercy till he gets his favorite treat… greet you when you walk in the door with such an upbeat message that your spirits rise, even get him to sing like a star, and ring like a phone (tricking your friends), you’ll never know what sort of silliness he’ll say or imitate next… could be hilarious, and watch out, it could be shockingly embarrassing!

Perform Hilarious Tricks… Amaze your friends and family… and simply have great fun with your Parrot (he’ll love it too)… kind of like having an in-house circus star…

Glow In Radiant Health … A healthy Parrot is a happier Parrot, that is far more likely to behave well. Learn everything you need to know to keep your Parrot shining and bright, avoiding disease and injury.

Stop The Biting…Save your fingers from painful sharp bites quickly by using a few powerful training techniques that work outright wonders in less than 15 days, only 30 minutes a day… you won’t believe it when your bird hops onto your hand without taking a bad habit snap at your poor fingers!

Stop The Screaming… Save your ears, and sanity from ear-shattering screams… the problem could be just the position of your Parrot’s cage, or one of many factors that makes him scream, find out, and stop this fast.

Stop The Messy Poops… Can’t stop mother nature, but you can get your bird to aim better and become potty trained!

Save Your Wallet… from very costly vet, or personal expert trainer bills… you can do everything regarding training on your own when you have the right knowledge base.

Save Your Heart… from breaking, because you know something’s not right with your Parrot… you just don’t know what the heck it is…

Understand Your Parrot So Well…
In 3 Simple Steps You’ll Know Exactly What
You Need To Do To Solve All Of Your Existing
And Future Parrot Challenges…

Arm yourself with such in-depth Parrot knowledge that your friends and family will think you can read your Parrot’s mind! (This will thrill your Parrot too! Just watch him chat and play once he feels secure near you).

Use this intuitive “Parrot mind read” to correct any existing misunderstandings that created the “bad bird behavior” or poor health to begin with quickly and confidently, and train your Parrot to talk, trick, and enjoy your company…

Know and watch for the tell-tale warning signs to effectively PREVENT any bad behavior and disease from ever surfacing.

So Simple, Anyone Can Train A Parrot Like A Pro In Just 15 – 30 Minutes A Day

It’s VERY simple common sense… that can give you real results immediately and amazing results within 15 days or less!

Listen, if you own or want to own a Parrot, the least you need to do is dedicate 15 minutes a day to this creature. Make it real quality time that gives you amazing results…

Every last detail is revealed in the brand new Parrot Secrets digital book.

Parrot Secrets has the very simple goal of helping you make your Parrot happy and healthy, with knowledge and training techniques that will allow you to achieve this goal in flying colors!

A happy, understood, properly fed, and healthy Parrot will be nothing short of deep joy, hilarious fun , and affectionate love within your home… now, teach your Parrot to talk, sing, play, snuggle, even do astonishing tricks with ease! Your happy Parrot will most likely even surprise you, and do this on his or her own!


Parrot Training Secrets and Behavior Guide