Paint Color Cheat Sheets – Interior Paint Colors


Paint Color Cheat Sheets – Interior Paint Colors


Tired of Choosing Paint Colors the Hard Way and Paying for Color Mistakes?

Want a Faster and Easier Way to Find the Right Paint Color?

…then You Will Love This Shortcut to the “Right Answers” in a Paint Color Deck:

Shows you the best paint colors that always work
Proven, tried & tested in real life
As close to foolproof & no-fail as you can get
Gives you confidence & peace of mind
Eliminates overwhelm & helps get unstuck
Saves you time, money & sanity

Does This Sound Like You?

– You get easily overwhelmed by thousands of paint color choices out there and don’t know where to start
– You can’t make up your mind, because a lot of the colors look the same to you, and you don’t know which one is right
– You don’t understand why you have to go through all that trouble when all you need is a “simple” beige/gold/green/blue/etc – shouldn’t there be an easier way?
– You feel like you spend more time choosing and stressing out over the paint colors than actually enjoying them
– You want a beautiful, tasteful home, but can’t afford to hire a color consultant
– You hate it when the color that looked perfect on a swatch turns out totally different and all wrong on the walls
– You would like to try something new, but afraid to make a mistake – so you keep living with the same wall colors all your life
– You are tired of buying paint color samples by the dozen and all that endless sampling that leads nowhere
– Your husband is starting to lose his patience and wants to know why it’s taking you so long to pick a color, and when you will stop wasting money on the samples?

You’ll Feel Confident and Choose Like a Pro With the “Right Answers” in Your Hands

With the Paint Color Cheat Sheets – Interior Paint Colors, you will achieve designer quality results every time – because you will have in your hands the same colors that designers charge hundreds of dollars to recommend.

This will give you an almost unfair advantage over your friends – while they’ll still be choosing, testing and experimenting, you’ll be enjoying your beautiful home with your family!

You’ll Find It So Easy, It Will Almost Feel Like Cheating

Have you ever picked a paint color that seemed perfect on a swatch, but ugly on the walls? Maybe a “soothing” shade of green that turned out a mint toothpaste green, or a “cheerful” yellow that ended up looking so crazy it hurt the eyes?

Then you already know that a pretty paint chip doesn’t always make a pretty wall color.

But with the Paint Color Cheat Sheets – Interior Paint Colors you will choose with confidence and rest assured that the colors you pick will be guaranteed to look great, with no surprises when applied to the walls – because I personally tested them all.

You Will Choose, Preview and Test Colors Without Leaving Your Home

It’s a totally new approach to choosing paint colors, where the entire process (picking, previewing and sampling the colors) is done in the comfort of your own home, from start to finish. You will only need to go to the paint store once – when you’re ready to buy the paint.

The process is fast, easy and won’t cost you anything – not even for the samples!

It Will Let You Paint Your Home Without Polluting the Earth

Your painting projects will be much easier on the planet, too – because you will not generate all that paint waste from samples that will clutter your garage for years, and eventually end up in the landfills.

You won’t contribute to the air pollution either, because there will be no need to drive back and forth multiple times from your home to the store and back again, trying out different colors.

The Paint Color Cheat Sheets will help you pick the right color the first time around.

Your friends will think your wall colors have been selected by a designer… and you’ll feel so smart knowing you didn’t have to pay designers’ lofty hourly fee to get those professional looking results (especially considering that some designers purchase the Cheat Sheets to use with their clients – because not all of them specialize in paint color and need the help, too… but shhh! It’s a secret!).

You will never have to buy another paint sample ever again (and so will save thousands on all your future painting projects). I’ll show you how to test any color in real life, for free (your husband will love this one 🙂

Just imagine how much easier home painting projects (and your life) will be now – without the stress of dealing with too many color options, the fear of making a color mistake or the disappointment (and expense) of having to repaint because of a wrong color!

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Paint Color Cheat Sheets – Interior Paint Colors