Pain Relief for Abscess Tooth



Pain Relief for Abscess Tooth


An Abscess tooth can be the most painful feeling that you have ever felt. This type of toothache is the absolute worst type of pain and lends you the feeling that there is no pain relief that could possibly help. The swelling and the infection pair up to make life miserable for days, and even with the help of antibiotics (which are a must), the toothache continues to throb at the jaw and just won’t stop!

When the toothache just won’t stop no matter what you do, try these helpful tricks for pain relief from an abscess tooth. With proper care, patience, and these helpful hints that toothache pain will stop soon and the abscess tooth will no longer be a nuisance to you. You’ll finally be able to get along with your normal activities once you find some pain relief methods that actually work!

Method #1: Rinse the entire mouth with salt water at least 3 times daily for the duration of the toothache. The salt performs two actions for the abscess tooth and the toothache that is associated with it-it cleans the infected area and will help to draw out the infection. Drawing out the infection from the abscess tooth is the number one way to relieve the pain. Once the infection is gone, the pain will be too!

Method #2: Place a hot tea bag on the abscess tooth or on the toothache culprit. The hot tea bag should not be so hot that it will scald the gums, but just below the point that it would burn your mouth. Pain relief from an abscess tooth is a tricky situation when it comes to hot and cold, but most times a nice hot tea bag on the tooth will help to draw out the infection. If the abscess is not to the point that it is at the surface, the tea bag will help to raise it to that point allowing it to begin to drain.

Method #3: Don’t eat or drink anything cold when you have a toothache associated with an abscess tooth. Pain relief for an abscess tooth revolves around the draining of the infection and this requires that the infection stay soft and raised to the surface of the skin. Cold drinks and foods only harden the infection and cause it to sink back into the jaw which only prolongs the abscess tooth pain. Stay away from cold items and try to drink warm and hot drinks for the duration of the abscess to help draw the infection out.

Method #4: Lay with the side of you head on a heating pad. The heat from the heating pad will help to alleviate some of the pain associated with the toothache. The heat will also help again to draw the infection to the surface allowing it to drain. There are only two places for the infection from an abscess to go and that is to drain or to be absorbed back into the body. Naturally it is healthier for the infection to make its way out of the body which is helped along by various methods of heat application.

Method #5: Take only medicines that reduce swelling such as Ibuprofen. The reduced swelling may help to alleviate some of the headaches that are often caused by a toothache. Swelling makes the head throb and then the abscess is only more bothersome. Ibuprofen will help to reduce some of the pressure that is on the tooth and the head thus making the toothache at least manageable.


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