Opening, Remodeling & Running a Beauty Salon or Barbershop Guide


Opening, Remodeling & Running a Beauty Salon or Barbershop Guide


Books are the ultimate educational guides for the cosmetology industry. This site provides cosmetology school graduates and seasoned professionals alike expert advice that will enable them to create a blueprint for success.


Ready, Set, Go!

The Start-Up Guide for Opening, Remodeling, & Running a Successful Beauty Salon. Learn the success strategies for opening, remodeling, and running a barbershop that focuses on the needs of your targeted clientele—the millennial man.

Getting your game plan together can be time consuming and expensive. Jeff and Eric have laid out the game plan and thought of every last detail to help you budget your expenses, save money, and invest in your business. It’s packed with the steps, tips, checklists, ideas, and strategies to make your barbershop a success.


The Modern Salon

The Modern Salon is a picture book full of inspiration for those thinking of opening a new salon, for existing owners who are looking for ideas to infuse into their facility and reword their existing brand, and for those who just love salons! It has over a hundred photos of salon interiors grouped by the five areas common to most modern salons.

This beautiful photo book will inspire salon owners to create their dream salon that is not only beautiful, but highly functional and profitable. Let your mind wander! A must have for salon designers and owners.


The Salon Building Bible

Authors, Eric Ryant and Jeff Grissler, felt that one of the biggest expenses and challenges faced by new owners was floor plans and estimating start-up costs. Therefore, they did what no other book in the industry has done—they provided ready-to-use floor plans and designs from an award-winning salon designer.

Each plan details the construction and materials costs—along with the furniture and equipment needs required for each plan.

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