Online Dog Trainer vs Dog Trainer in Person


Online Dog Trainer vs Dog Trainer in Person


Many people ask me about signing up to use an online dog training website and whether it’s a good investment or whether they are better off spending the money with a professional trainer in person.

It’s a great question. And I believe there are 4 key areas to consider:

1. Cost
2. Quality of the solution
3. Ease of use
4. Support

The answers will possibly surprise you… Let’s get into it.

1. Cost – More Expensive Does Not Mean Better.

Many of you reading this are happy to spend whatever it takes when it comes to getting a solution. And that’s fantastic. You may be wanting to ensure that you raise your puppy correctly or save your lovely dog from themselves or bring back some peace to your home. On the other hand you may not have hundreds and hundreds of spare dollars to go throwing around at different dog trainers until you get a solution.

Here is a very important fact though: Paying lots of money will not necessarily get you a good dog trainer who can help.

Dog trainer in person –

The cost of getting a dog trainer to come to your home can start at approximately $50 for the first hour (any less than this and you have to wonder why they are so cheap), and go up to as much as $500 for a couple of hours work. Always check as to whether several sessions may be required because the total cost can often be far higher than the initial booking. Many trainers look to get a foot in the door, make an assessment and create a relationship with you before explaining that you have a dog with a serious issue and it is going to require many more sessions. Several sessions later you are $500 down and there is very little improvement.

Online Dog Trainer –

Many of the video websites have an entry point around $40. This will give you access to a massive amount of information that could be in the form of videos, couple of very generous sites will even allow you to have a trial the sites for as low as $1. Professional dog trainer Doggy Dan’s video website is one of those.

This option allows you to check the site out before you actually pay the joining fee. A sure sign of a quality product!

Winner – Online Dog Trainer

2. Quality Of The Solution – Choose Carefully.

Dog trainer in person –

Unfortunately the dog training world has recently exploded with thousands of dog lovers turning into dog trainers almost overnight. The two are not the same thing. Just because your friend loves dogs does not mean that they are able to help you with your dogs! Many dog trainers have qualifications that are not worth the paper they are written on and others have absolutely no experience at all. That said, there are some fine dog trainers out there, but finding them is not always easy. If you are looking to use one, make sure that you have some reliable recommendations from people you know first.

One of the big advantages of a dog trainer coming to visit you in person is that they are able to see your dog in the flesh, watch them and observe them, which can help to form a personalized solution. If they are experienced then they will also be able to tailor things easily to your home and personality.

Online Dog Trainer –

The benefit of an online dog training solution however is that you will usually find the experience that is being offered is far greater than that of a dog trainer living just round the corner. The sheer quality of the solution being offered, the total number of dogs that they have worked with and the methods they can show you will be more extensive.

In summary, whatever option you choose, do your homework first. Get referrals, talk to people who have used the services and read the testimonials.

Are they recent and how genuine do they look.

3. Ease of use – Personality vs The Beauty Of Technology

Dog trainer in person –

If you are lucky enough to have a fun, enthusiastic and highly recommended dog trainer in the area and you only have yourself to organize then this could be a great option. They are few and far between and the chances are if you are reading this then you do not.

Online Dog Trainer –

Something that many people love about an online dog training website is the ease of use. You are able to view it any time, night or day from anywhere in the world. Whether you are at work, at home or at the dog park wanting some reminders you can quickly take a look and apply the suggestions there and then. For parents being able to simply logon and swat up on some more dog training when the kids are in bed during the evening is invaluable.

An online solution not only means that the dog training does not eat up into your valuable weekends but it also means that everyone can do it when they are available. Trying to get the whole family there in mind and body at the same time can be a mission. Being able to break the training down into smaller half hour sessions is also a huge bonus. A three hour dog training marathon is often just too much, however dog trainers like to do this as it minimizes their travel time.

With an online training solution you do often need a basic level of understanding of how to use a computer, but nowadays it’s becoming easier and simpler.

Winner – Online Dog Trainer

4. Support – Don’t Get Left High And Dry

Dog trainer in person –

Some dog trainers will visit multiple times, however you need to check that this is all included into the price. If it is not then beware that you could be opening a can of worms. The more you pay the more you desperately want a solution however there sometimes comes a point when you realize that no matter how many visits they make the solution is not going to happen like you had hoped. Telephone or email support, if it is included in the price, is well worth it provided they are willing to give you the time when you ask for it.

Enjoy the site and my suggestion… take the $1 trial now.

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