One Hour Video Maker / Creator System: Software & Training Course


One Hour Video Maker / Creator System: Software & Training Course


One Hour Video Maker / Creator System: Software & Training Course is designed to let you to produce short sales vids in less than an hour, in conjunction with Powerpoint 2010 – even if you’ve never made a vid before.

It is also about a sensible, step by step workflow for creating vids that separates all the tricky bits that overwhelm folks into manageable simple steps you can complete in isolation.

Applied correctly, this workflow will provide you with results first time that you’ll be amazed by.

More importantly, every part of this system has been designed to eliminate the crucial mistakes that kill most sales videos …

The World’s Fastest, Cheapest, Easiest Sales Vid Production Workflow –

Here’s the entire shopping list you need to make engaging Sales Vids –

– Powerpoint 2010 (or 2013)
– A Reasonable Microphone
– One Hour Video System

That’s all you need. Throw away Camtasia, After Effects, Sony Vegas, Premiere, Final Cut – you need none of it…

One Hour Video Studio (the software part of the system) turns Powerpoint 2010 into your very own High Definition Vid Studio – discover how you can start rapidly creating amazing sales vids using seven simple steps –

Step 1. Write a Powerful Script

You’ll never find a massively successful Product Launch online that didn’t use script writing in their sales vids.

By writing a script up front for your vid, you get several key benefits –

  • Your final vid sounds professional, concise and engaging.
  • You can edit, tweak and hone the script to focus on buyers at the outset.
  • You have reuseable content you can repurpose for ebooks, articles or blogs.
  • Your script recording becomes much easier (see below)

Never written a script before?

It  has online training just for you to make this part a breeze …

Step 2. Record Script

Using your finished script, record a narration using a microphone and Audacity (free) or other audio software. If you prefer, you can obviously outsource the script recording to a professional voice over artist.

Again, it includes extensive training on audio recording with Audacity to get you started.

One-Click Awesome Vocals

A a special plugin for Audacity that applies a sequence of audio enhancement effects to your voice recordings that will make them sound amazing.

You’ll always get perfect results if you manually tweak you’re audio, but if you don’t want to spend hours learning audio processing skills, this plugin will still give you audio quality better than 95% of the online videos people are making.

Step 3. Synchronise Script

1. Paste or Create your script in the softwareOne Hour Video Studio.

2. Load your audio narration using the integrated media player, and hit play when you’re ready.

3. As your narration plays back, simply click the corresponding lines of the script to insert timing markers – these will become new slides/scenes in your video. You can add as many as you want! – made a mistake? simply pause, rewind your audio and pick up anywhere you like.

4. Taking too long? If you’re confident use fast playback to speed up your audio and complete the synchronisation quicker!

Podcast mode lets you build timing markers on the fly to rapidly turn your podcasts into videos.

5. When you’re done, click Produce Powerpoint File to move on ….

Step 4. Produce Powerpoint

1. Powerpoint Builder shows you what slides will be created based on your timing markers from Step 3. You can see exactly how long each slide will last – you can easily switch back to the Script To Audio tab to add more markers if you need to.

2. Before creating your Powerpoint file, you can pick a Powerpoint template in advance to apply your brand / colours.

3. Click “Create Powerpoint File” and sit back while it creates you a video-ready Powerpoint file automatically.

Step 5. Edit Powerpoint

1. It creates a specially configured Powerpoint presentation with exact timings that will play automatically. Each of your timing markers get turned into Powerpoint slides, and your audio narration is embedded into the presentation to playback with the slides – 100% in sync.

2. The text from your Timing Markers are placed on each slide, you can go ahead and edit these in Powerpoint or replace with graphics / images as you wish.

Use our included Powerpoint Template – “Startle” to quickly make your presentations look stunning – you’ll learn how to customise Startle with your brand in our training videos.

3. To help you design your slides, One Hour Video Studio even places the corresponding script section in the Powerpoint Notes section, along with the time in the video when each slide will start playing back.

When you’re finished in Powerpoint, save your file and head back to One Hour Video Studio to create your video…

Step 6. Render Video

1. Use the tab to turn your Powerpoint File into Pristine, High Definition video!

2. You can choose from a range of presets up to Blu Ray quality HD, and control compression quality to optimise your file size.

You’ll get MP4 format which is compatible with YouTube and modern Web Vid Player plugins.

You can upload it straight to YouTube or host on your web server.

3. Bonus! – MP4 Converter also includes a bulk MP4 converter you can use to convert any of your other videos into web-ready MP4 format.

Step 7. Upload to YouTube

1. Use the YouTube Upload tab to send your finished work straight to YouTube.

2. Remember that script you wrote? You can upload it directly to Youtube as a YouTube Transcript, giving you an immediate advantage – extra data for YouTube’s search engine to discover.

Simple, Fast & Great Results

You can use this step-by-step workflow every time you make a vid …

  • It simplifies creation because it separates the tricky bits so they don’t overwhelm you.
  • It automates mundane, time consuming parts that make this process a drag if you’re doing it manually.
  • You end up with a far higher quality result than any other workflow.
  • Your script writing sets it up for success from the outset, your audio recording is crisp, clear and professional.
  • Your production and animation will be smoother and higher quality than anything Camtasia can produce, and you finish this process with a YouTube vid that’s already ahead of your competitors as soon as it’s uploaded.

There isn’t a quicker, easier or cheaper workflow in existence today.

What you can do with One Hour Video Maker / Creator System: Software & Training Course:

  • Create Effective Sales Vids that put more money in your pocket
  • Turn blog posts and articles into vids in minutes
  • Quickly turn podcasts and audio interviews into vids
  • Offer Production as a high-end, premium Service to your clients
  • Rapidly create keyword-targetted vids for YouTube, gaining targeted search traffic in the process

“One Hour Video Maker / Creator System: Software & Training Course” is jam packed with value, and most importantly – ensured every aspect of vid creation is catered for in this package – you don’t need anything else other than Powerpoint to create vids.

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One Hour Video Maker System is a new Software Tool & Training Course