Off the Floor – Deadlift Workout Program


Off the Floor – Deadlift Workout Program


Announcing… Off The Floor: A Manual For Deadlift Domination.

off-the-floor-coverHere are some of the secrets revealed in the program:

+ How the common mantra of “core training” is costing you pounds and risking your back health.
+ What type of deadlift will widen your back, blow up your traps, and give you erectors like tree trunks.
+ Not doing these lesser-known variations is easily costing you 25 to 50 pounds on your best deadlift.
+ The truth about lifting straps – and it’s probably not what you expect it to be.
+ Deadlifting for high volumes – the piece you’re missing.
+ The one cheap thing you should add to your gym bag to nearly instantly give you jacked forearms.
+ The variation you least expect is the one most likely to help your back pain.
+ The weird-looking deadlift that might be exactly what you need to unlock greater strength.
+ The key to perfect form that multiple world champion and freak of nature Dimitry Klokov knows, and you think is wrong.
+ Why you must change your form when you progress from beginner to a more advanced deadlifter.
+ How to deadlift more often – and put on more muscle – than you ever thought possible.


The manual is as comprehensive as they come, and includes information on:

+ Biofeedback Training 101: Everything you need to know to start implementing Biofeedback Training for yourself. You’re going to learn how to use the most advanced piece of training technology on the planet to tell you how to train smarter. Hint: it’s not a Tendo, an OmegaWave, or an iPhone with a gadget attached to it.
+ Training Guide: Lessons I’ve learned on my quest to become a human crane – and coaching hundreds of people along the way.
+ Exercise Library: Every critical variation you need to know. Think the deadlift is as simple as conventional or Romanian? Think again. These variants are the key to unlocking faster gains and unlimited progress.
+ The Off The Floor Program: The Off The Floor program is going to outline exactly how to implement all the concepts I lay out in the book for maximum results.
+ Accessory Exercise Library: I would sign up for a program that involved nothing but deadlifting, but unfortunately you’d be shortchanging your results. Carefully chosen accessory lifts will round out your strength and speed up your progress.
+ Special Topics Section: Want to know how to destroy the competition at your first (or next) meet? Have a nagging weak spot in your pull? Curious about the core controversy? This section will finally answer these questions for you once and for all.

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