Nutritional Blackbook for Basketball Players


Nutritional Blackbook for Basketball Players


Have you ever wondered why no matter how hard you train in the weight room or on the court you still get stuck with limited or no muscle gains.

Or why you get tired really quick when you play and how everything you’ve ever tried to pack on muscle just doesn’t get you any results.

…Not to mention any love from your coaches.

Here are some of the main misconceptions when it comes to basketball players approach to gaining muscle.

1.) Most basketball players take the bodybuilding approach, which may put muscle onto their frame, but in doing this these workouts and nutrition approaches make the basketball player big, bulky, and less athletic.

Basketball and bodybuilders to different sports. Doing bodybuilding muscle techniques can possible be counter productive.

2.) The harder basketball players train the more muscle they will put on, and if they want to put on muscle all they need to do is increase their calorie intact and train harder, then wha’la you will pack on muscle overnight.

That’s wrong too.

3.) Basketball players take boatloads of the WRONG supplements that are killing there muscle gains and making their gains reliant on supplements.

4.) Lastly, basketball players think they should eat more”carbs.” Thinking carbs are going to be the solve all when it comes to gaining weight and are the “key” ingredient to packing-on-lean athletic muscle.

All these misconceptions may work for a little while, but they don’t get your results that are sustainable and continually allow you to pack-on-lean athletic muscle on a continual basis.

The “Truth”: The Muscle Building Methods that Most Basketball Players use are DESTROYING your muscle building potential.

NOW before we go any further here. There is something that you should KNOW. There is a certain STATE that your metabolism needs to be in to pack on lean athletic muscle.

…And if your metabolism is not completely destroying your muscle building potential.

Here’s the deal: You have two states that your metabolism can be in.

An Anabolic State and a Catabolic State. The issue with these misconceptions is that they completely ruin the way that your body metabolizes food, sending your body into a Catabolic state.

A Catabolic State or Catabolism is your body is basically wasting away. Your body start using using the muscle your currently have as fuel. Killing the muscle building process. Their are 7 major factors that contribute to a Catabolic.

Not eating enough.
Not getting sufficient rest.
Training too much, eating too little.
Eating the wrong foods with the incorrect ingredients to packing on muscle lean athletic muscle.
Eating the wrong foods at the wrong times.
Taking the wrong supplements

When you limit the amount of times your body goes into a Catabolic state. This is where the “Magic” happens and you start packing on muscle.

The opposite of a catabolic state is an Anabolic State. This is the “muscle building zone.”

When your body is an anabolic state, your muscle tissue utilizes energy for growth and maintenance. The energy comes from nutrients extracted from the food sources you consume (i.e., proteins, carbs, etc.).

An Anabolic state is achieved through Five major factors:

Training correctly
Nutrition food combinations
Eating the right foods at the right times
Taking the correct NATURAL supplements at peak times throughout the day.


Today’s “Solution” to stopping the Catabolic State Phenomena. The PROVEN Nutritional Blackbook for Basketball players

To fully understand the whole catabolic and anabolic phenomena, there’s something you should know about me (listen closely to this, it contains some pretty shocking discoveries most coaches or trainers have never even considered.)

You not only gain 8-10 lbs in a month, but you will continue to pack on lean athletic muscle if you continue with this program.

You know how with most nutrition programs out there, you might see some results, but the moment you stop…all your results disappear and you end up right back where you started.

This is normally happens because these programs are based on muscular size and strength, which is fine, BUT maintaining muscular size and strength is hard, long-term work and the moment you take a break from eating the right way, your body reverts right back to WHERE you started.

The Nutritional Blackbook for Basketball Players will help you. It’s the only nutritional program specifically catered towards a basketball players needs.

Yup…Packing on muscle just became that much easier.

Introducing the Cutting-Edge Nutritional Blackbook for Basketball Players


Here is all you get in the Nutritional Blackbook for Basketball Players information packed 9 component series:

Component 1 – Anabolic Done-for-You Grocery Checklist (Valued at $97) – Anabolic Checklist of everything you’ll need from the grocery store. Grocery shopping can be a nightmare. A majority of basketball players have no idea where to start at the grocery store.

Component 2 – Pre, post training, Practice and Game Meals Maximizers (Valued at $97) – It has been proven that your body has a higher susceptibility of going into a CATABOLIC STATE before and after practices, games, and workouts. Knowing what nutrients to eat before and after workouts, games, and practices are CRITICAL to packing on Lean Athletic Muscle…

Component 3 – Timing Chart (Valued at $57) – It has been PROVEN over and over again the times that you eat throughout that day lead to better and faster gains.

Component 4 – Botanical and Natural Supplement Guide (Valued at $147) – Their are a ton of supplements that completely damage your results and performance. Putting your body into a catabolic state. Some can possible be sending your body into a catabolic state. Supplements are necessary for optimal gains.

Component 5 – Anabolic Quick and Easy Meals Video Guide (Valued $125) – As a basketball player we are constantly busy with practice, games, and studies. Having this schedule leaves us with a higher susceptibility of missing a meal or not being prepared.

Component 6 – Stay Prepared On-the-Go High Definition Meals (Valued at $125) – When you want to put on muscle it’s essential that you always have a meal ready to go.

Component 7 – Deadly Supplements to Avoid and Why Video (Valued at $37) – There are some supplements that are completely destroying your results and making your body reliant on them to make muscle gains.

Component 8 – Anabolic Spices Checklist High Definition Video (Valued at $37) – It’s essential that your food tastes good when you are looking to put on muscle. No one wants to eat bland and horrible tasting food.

Component 9 – Anabolic in Depth Grocery Store Tour Video (Valued at $37) – The grocery store can be a complete nightmare for basketball players.

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Nutritional Blackbook for Basketball Players