No More Dry Scalp Book Review


No More Dry Scalp Book Review

We are all born with the potential to have a glorious head of hair. Our hair and scalp are supposed to be healthy in our natural state, but why is it that so many of us are suffering instead from itchy, flaky dry scalp and brittle lack-luster hair with straw like split ends, and sometimes even thinning patches? Not surprisingly, many people suffer self-esteem issues when they suffer from hair and scalp problems.

The basic chemical make-up of hair is keratin, a strong protein that also makes nails. Each of its strand comes to the end of its natural life from between two and seven years when it is released from the follicle and new one grows in its place. All of this cycle is going on without us even realizing it.

Beside each follicle there is a sebaceous gland which normally secretes sebum to lubricate it and naturally moisturize the scalp.

Theoretically we should all have beautiful hair and a healthy scalp all the time if we eat the right foods and watch what we put on our hair. If you eat plenty of fresh food, cut down on stimulants such as coffee tea, and alcohol, eat plenty of fresh veggies and fruit and a diet rich in cold pressed oils and unsaturated fatty acids, and get enough sleep, you theoretically shouldn’t suffer from any dry scalp conditions.

However, we have been conditioned into treating our hair and scalp on an almost daily basis with a chemical cocktail. It is a medically recognized fact that our body absorbs significant amounts of what we put on our skin. In general we are not made aware by most hair and skin product manufacturers of ALL the ingredients they choose to use in their products. No wonder it is difficult to make an informed decision on hair care products when we can be so misinformed! Marketing experts are very clever telling us about the good stuff – i.e. “contains fruit oils” but obviously not so keen to tell us about the not so good stuff. Most of the time you’ll find it’s the other ingredients often in their cheapest form they add that can be silently doing damage to our scalp, hair, skin and eyes. YUK!

Even more unbelievable is the fact that some natural products contain synthetics which are dubious. Take, for example, Lauramide dea, part natural but also part synthetic, which is used to build up a lather and which is not only drying to the hair but can cause

Scalp itching and dermatitis. A list of other hair and scalp nasties include:

  • Oleyl betaine is a synthetic substance used to reduce static but it causes dandruff, dry hair and a dry scalp, and is toxic when absorbed through the skin.
  • Other commonly used toxins are Sodium C 14-16 and Olefin sulfate, petroleum derivatives used as wetting agents.
  • Other nasty ones are Sodium lauryl sulfate, Sodium beryl sulfate, and Sodium laureth sulphate SLS). These can all cause a range of allergic reductions, hair loss, a dry flaky scalp, or skin rashes. Unfortunately these are often disguised with “natural names” but are actually toxic.

Not only are they damaging your hair, but also can be causing harm in other parts of your body. SLS’s are also found in many liquid soaps, toothpastes and dishwashing liquids.

I’m sorry if this is leaving you with your mouth wide open but reading this e-book, “No More Dry Scalp”, on dry, itchy scalp remedies will be a reality check to say the least. My aim is not to scare monger you with the facts but to inform and guide you towards the most natural solutions there are.

I found out what they were doing to my scalp and body the hard way. My best friend and I both suffered from terrible itchy weeping scalps for years – the mystery as to why we had this condition and symptoms had only deepened after using various different dandruff shampoos and other drug store medications trying to fix the problem. For both of us seeking advice about dry, itchy scalp problems was proving to be exhausting and producing very little results.

It was embarrassing going to the hair salon and having my hairdresser ask if I had head lice or some nervous itch problem. I developed a severe reaction to drug store or supermarket hair dyes and colorants thank heaven for the natural hair-dyes I have found now. And I dreaded anyone running their hands through my hair – even my husband a sort of dandruff and scab phobia.

I was at my wit’s end, sick of continuous itching and sore scalp hell. I’d had enough and out of the frustration in not having found a solution, I cautiously threw away all the products I had spent hundreds of dollars on – the medicated shampoos, lotions and potions. Believe me at the time I thought I was being brave but I think it was more sheer determination to find a cure. I knew everything else wasn’t working so what else did I have to lose?

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