New iPad Tutorial Videos – Tablet Mastered


tablet-mastered-headerNew iPad Tutorial Videos – Tablet Mastered


Attention iPad Owners! Your Tablet Does Far More than Just Play Angry Birds!

“Unlock All the Powerful Features of Your iPad with Step-by-Step, Beginner-Friendly Video Lessons that Will Turn You into a Tablet Pro in Just 10 Minutes a Day – Guaranteed!”

New iPad Tutorial Videos – Tablet Mastered explain how to :

  • Eliminate ALL Guesswork – No more searching Google for snippets of info and getting frustrated!
  • Take Your Time – Learn at your own pace – you can view the videos, anytime, anywhere and YES you can view them on your iPad too!
  • Go From Beginner To Pro – The video modules guide you through from a complete beginner to pro covering EVERY feature of the iPad!
  • Includes Free Updates – You get free updates and will have access to new videos posted so you can further your learning!
  • Contains Over 10 Modules – The entire course is spanned across 10 modules containing hundreds of bite-size videos which once you have completed will make you an expert with the iPad.
  • Have Fun! – You got the iPad to enjoy its features – it should not be stressful we will make it fun and you should enjoy learning!
  • See How To Use Each Feature Of The iPad – The Tablet Mastered video lessons span accross 10 modules and contain hundreds of bite-size videos showing you every feature of the iPad and how to use it!
  • One On One Support – If you still don’t understand a feature of the iPad simply send me an email from the member’s area and I will help you use the feature in question and EVEN make a video lesson just for you!

You’ve invested a good chunk of cash in your new tablet. And I know from experience that learning how to use this powerful new tool can be exciting.

There’s so much you can do with an iPad:

  • Browse the web: Check stocks, join discussions, post on Facebook and Twitter. All the interactive features you get from your desktop PC or laptop are all available on the slim, super-fast iPad.
  • Watch movies: All in crystal-clear, premium quality. Take your favorite flicks with you wherever you go!
  • Check and send email: No more waiting till you get back home or back to the office to send those important messages.
  • Listen to music – Create and share your own interactive playlist, so your favorite tunes are always “on tap”.
  • Boost your productivity – Stay on track with reminders, appointment calendars, notifications and more…

What? You Mean You Don’t Know How to Do All Those Things?

You’re not alone. In fact, Apple purposefully doesn’t include a user manual in the box with the iPad. Their thinking is that it should be simple and straightforward enough to use without one.

And while that’s a great marketing gimmick – not everyone is a “gadget geek”.

So what about the rest of us? For us, there’s: New iPad Tutorial Videos – Tablet Mastered


The Fastest-Growing Apple iPad Video Tutorial Course on the Web!

In just 10 minutes a day, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use apps for entertainment and productivity! Play games (by yourself or with friends!), discover productivity and appointment apps – even set up your iPad to be a custom alarm clock! There are thousands of apps – and these videos will show you how to find the ones that are perfect for you – whatever your needs!
  • Listen to or stream music to your stereo! You can listen to music through your iPad and create your own custom playlist with all your favorite songs – or you can connect it to your stereo and enjoy crystal-clear sound and clarity! It’s so easy once you see how it’s done!
  • Browse the web and visit all your favorite sites – You can use your iPad like a laptop that fits in your hand! It’s easy to read the news online, check sports scores, get the weather forecast, trade stocks or any activity you normally do on your PC.
  • Send and receive emails instantly – These videos show you how to set up an email program, import contacts and messages, and synchronize your iPad and your computer so you never miss a single message!
  • Participate on Facebook and Twitter – Just getting into this whole “social networking thing”? The iPad makes it easy to connect to friends and family through popular sites like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Connect to the web from anywhere – With Wi-fi, you can use your iPad to browse the web, watch movies, download important files or check and send emails from anywhere with a Wi-fi connection.
  • Read, download and share books – Your iPad is also a fully-functional eReader! Learn how to download and lend books to others through the iBookstore app and turn your iPad into a virtual library.
  • Customize your iPad in a way that’s uniquely YOU! Change the sounds and theme, enlarge the font or even make your iPad speak to you. You’ll be amazed at all of the features at your fingertips!

“This Truly is the Instruction Manual Apple Left Out of the Box!”

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New iPad Tutorial Videos – Tablet Mastered