Natural Eyesight Improvement


Natural Eyesight Improvement


Many people who wear glasses or contact lenses would like to find an alternative method of vision correction, which is more natural. Well, there are in fact a number of natural eyesight improvement alternatives available. Research has shown that two of the most successful methods are the Pinhole Glasses Exercise Method and the Bates Exercise Method. Both of these are safe, natural methods, which do not carry any risks.

The Pinhole Glasses Exercise Method is very simple to carry out. In fact one of the great advantages of this exercise is its relative simplicity. In order to begin the exercise program you need to only wear the glasses for a minimum of fifteen minutes, and they will do all of the work. They work by cutting out peripheral vision which can tire the eyes and also by eliminating the scattering of light which falls on the retina.

Pinhole glasses can be worn when reading or watching the television. The great thing about them is that your eyes are being gently exercised whilst carrying out your leisure activity. They should not however be worn when carrying out activities which require peripheral vision, such as driving or operating machinery.

The second natural eyesight improvement method which has had great success is the Bates Exercise Method. As with the pinhole glasses exercise method, this works by relaxing your eyes and hence reducing muscles strain. The eyes are able to self repair and once the muscles are given an opportunity to relax, the eyes begin to heal.

One of the great advantages of these two natural eyesight improvement exercise methods is that they can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. You can also regularly check the progress you are making with the use of a Snellen eye chart or with one of the many online eye tests available.

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