Natural Better Good Night Sleep – Guide & Hypnosis Program


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Finally an effortless way to stop tossing and turning every night & to get the good night’s sleep you always wanted..

A good sleep important because we lead such busy lives, we tend to forget that it is not merely the opposite of effort or activity. It is in fact the source, and is energetic nourishment for all that we want to accomplish.

During it, the body is flooded with hormones that cause relaxation and slow down the organ systems, allowing our organs to regain their strength and to heal. It is when our immune system is able to fortify our bodies. During normal cycles, the brain has the opportunity to process information at different vibratory levels. Dreaming is one of our primary mechanisms for clearing the stress and unprocessed emotions of the day. Many studies now demonstrate that a significant proportion of our physical and mental ills start with our unhealthy relationship to it and rest.

Each of the stages and complete cycles is essential to a normal night of healthy rest. Studies indicate it is important that we spend sufficient time in each stage during our nap. For instance when we are deprived of REM, there are serious side effects, such as irritability, loss of ability to learn and recall information, and sometimes hallucinations.

When we are deprived of nap we tend to turn to drugs or to artificial aids. However the use of drugs and artificial aids tends to dramatically lowers the brain frequency in to a state that is unnatural and unhealthy, and to keep it there much of the night. You lose the normal rhythms of your cycles and are deprived of the restorative REM stage of nap. This pattern is made worse when you need to rely on amphetamines or other stimulants in the morning to get going again.

Repeated loss of sleep affects all areas of your life: the physical, mental, and emotional. Among the many reasons for getting a good night’s rest are because it is essential for restoring each of your body systems, your motor and cognitive functions, conserving energy, consolidating memory, brain development (the reason why infants spend such a long while in REM), and discharging emotions through dream cycles.

Finally, the solution you have been looking for.. Natural Better Good Night Sleep – Guide & Hypnosis Program

The Natural Better Good Night Sleep – Guide & Hypnosis Program is designed so that you will fall asleep easily by simply listening to the recording. As you go to bed, you will:

  • Be guided you to quieten your mind, relax your body and drift in to a deep rest within 20 minutes of lying in bed every night. With regular listening, you’ll fall asleep faster and your cycles will deepen.
  • Enjoy a whole night of deep rest, and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. You will re-engage your body’s natural rhythms.
  • Unwind and enjoy beautiful ethereal ambient music by award winning ambient Canadian artist Marcomé . Hypnosis suggestions are spoken with this enchanting music in the background.
  • Give up struggling through days of being listless and tired due to a poor night’s rest. (It also costs you time, money and lost opportunities by preventing you from being fully present each day). The recording enables rejuvenation and allows you to enjoy high daytime energy levels and focus – you’ll be free to create a day of your choice rather than dragging yourself through the day’s activities.
  • Enjoy restful nap throughout the night, so that you can consistently be at your best and feel revitalized and vibrant through your day.
  • Be guided to clear your mind, release the mental chatter, and relax your body completely so you effortlessly drift off to nap.
  • Be confident about falling asleep quickly if you should awaken during the night for any reason.
  • Develop new habits and beneficial patterns that work for you… through suggestions delivered to your sub-conscious mind even as you fall asleep.
  • Finally give up having to rely on aids or drugs. Prescription or over-the-counter drugs give you a fake nap and do not clear your mind; they cover up the problem without getting to the heart of it. Yes, you may be semi-sleeping, but you’re not really getting natural rest and all the helpful benefits that come from it.
  • Learn the correct breathing technique so both your mind and body quickly relax and are ready to fall asleep. Few people breathe correctly when preparing for it and by itself this breathing technique will significantly improve the quality of your rest
  • Enjoy significant health and energy benefits from changing your habits and allowing your body to get the deep restorative nap it needs

What you will receive:

  • A 3 track mp3 recording that will help you effortlessly release the day’s stress, clear your mind, relax your body and then drift into a deep and restful nap. Suggestions addressed to your subconscious mind which that allow you to create new patterns and consistently rest well
  • A Guide to Better Sleep – eBook. This Guide complements the recording and will help reinforce and deepen the benefits you receive from listening to the recording.
  • 2 Additional Bonus Special reports – ‘Abundant Energy Practices’ and ‘How to Understand and Learn from your Dreams’
  • Hypnosis recording includes beautiful relaxing music by Award winning Canadian ambient New Age musician Marcomé , with hypnotic suggestions overlaid to guide you
  • A professionally recorded, mastered and produced session
  • Your Mp3 tracks and Bonus reports can be downloaded immediately, so you can listen tonight

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Natural Better Good Night Sleep – Guide & Hypnosis Program