Nail Fungus Treatment


Nail Fungus Treatment


Nail fungus is a problem that affects millions of people. Once contracted it is very difficult to get rid of this pesky ailment, to the point where most people live with it for years. Left untreated, nail fungus can live for decades, and it often does. It can be contracted through a variety of channels, most often in damp, dark places. Most commonly it is contracted in the same ways as athletes foot, like in locker rooms, showers, pools, etc. It can also come from sharing shoes or socks with someone infected, or even from other fungal infections like athletes foot.

If you have ever been afflicted with nail fungus you know how embarrassing the symptoms can be. The nail often changes color to a yellow or brown tint. Debris gathers under the nail bed causing it to become misshapen and brittle. The nail can also become thick and tough. Many times a nail that has been infected over the long term will break or fall out completely.

Unfortunately, treating nail fungus is very difficult, because the fungus lives underneath the nail in the nail bed. Topical treatments have a tough time reaching the nail bed because the nail blocks the way. Most doctors are currently prescribing oral medications like Lamasil, which is an antifungal treatment that attacks the fungus from the inside. The problem with this, is that treatment can take over a year, and the side effects are often problematic.

Some people who have taken Lamasil have reported stomach problems and pain, rashes, allergic reactions, and even liver and kidney problems. Because these medications are so tough on the organs, they are not advised for pregnant women or those who drink or have pre-existing conditions. Many people would prefer to just live with the nail fungus than risk damaging their organs and overall health.

Topical products have shown some promise for some. Treatment with topical products must continue for several months while a new healthy nail is growing in. Care must be taken to keep the area clean and dry during this period. Consistency and persistence are a must, and a strict routine must be followed. Some of the most common home remedies include vinegar, tea tree oil, and Vics Vaporub, although there is still a lot of debate about whether these actually work.

No matter which route you go, always use caution and know the side effects. Consult a doctor if necessary. While nail fungus is an annoying and embarrassing problem, its not life threatening and isn’t worth risking your overall health.

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