My Shed Plans Honest Review


My Shed Plans Honest Review

Have you tried building your own-shed before? It can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars and yet without the right-plans, guide, and materials you can still fail and you’ll be forced to start all the way back from square one. If you are still planning on making one but have never tried building before it is very easy to get lost amidst all the technical data and terms. These are but some reasons why the first step is to stop looking outside and start with My Shed Plans.

It is a downloadable guide that details everything you will ever need to know regarding building your own-shed or other woodwork structure. That means you aren’t just limited to shed-designs. You’ll find barns, garden benches, patio chairs, and other designs all included in the product.


  • There are well over 12,000 different-plans included, from full-blown-sheds and other woodworks that you might need or want. This gives you a wide variety of things to build and add to your accomplishments.
  • This guide was made for everyone, no matter the level of expertise and experience that you have. It uses simple to follow step by step procedures and fully colored diagrams so that anyone can pick it up and follow along.
  • Each-plan is carefully detailed, with the measurements and all the materials listed and explained. This means you don’t have to play a guessing game – all the work is done for you. Just follow the steps one by one and you’ll have a new-shed built in no time.
  • You also get a plethora of bonus materials and additional materials such as:
  • 5,000 More Project Sets-and-Plans
  • How-To Guide on the Basics to Woodworking
  • 400 More Woodworking-Plans and Projects
  • All the Essential Tips, Secrets, and Tricks
  • All of this is just $37. To top it all off you also get a 100% no risk 60-day money back guarantee!


  • All of this is only available online and in digital format. At least you can still get them on DVD as a backup and you can always print it that you want.


No matter what your level is in building, if you need a-shed and you want to cut the costs by doing it yourself then this manual is the only way to go. It is designed to walk you through from start to finish and it is the only guide to cover every single aspect that many others tend to miss.

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