My Russian Fiancee K1 Visa Kit


Why do I need a Russian Fiancée K1 Visa Kit?

Perhaps a better question is how well do you know the The Visa process, Immigration Law, and possible problems with your application? And more importantly, can you explain the process to your Fiancée? She will have questions too!

Most Americans have never filed for anything with the Immigration Office. They have no idea that the immigration system’s purpose is to accept your forms and fee’s (your money) while providing minimal guidance on what you should include, attach and anticipate.


My Russian Fiancee K1 Visa Kit has been written based on successful applications that were filed without assistance from a lawyer. All templates, examples and instructions come from people just like you, who simply want to bring their Fiancée to the United States as quickly as possible. You can spend months reading horror stories and unqualified information about how to apply for a Fiancé Visa, or you can download the kit and know your package will be processed quickly.

Our kits have been used since 2003 with 100% success of all applicants!

The kit is optimized for Russian speaking Fiance’s with tips, guides, forms and samples based on the application process used in Russian speaking countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and more)

Remember: Most people will only do this once, so there are few experts out there aside from lawyers. Our research was based on personal interviews and first hand experiences of dozens of couples who applied by doing the paperwork themselves and then completed the process successfully.

Why should I use this kit instead of others?

We have a 100% success rate on applications filed using our kit! We also communicate with our customers after the sale in the event an odd question or situation comes up. We’ve also been in business since 2004 with many happy customers from all over the United States.

Shouldn’t I just get a Lawyer?

You do not need a lawyer or Immigration Attorney to apply for a Fiancée Visa. In fact, a lawyer must charge for their service but you will still have to provide all the documentation. An attorney can only complete the paperwork and mail the package. They cannot produce the required documents, meaning you will still be doing most of the work yourself. It makes sense to consider a kit so you save time and money.

What does the Kit Include?

This kit breaks the application process down, step by step, so you don’t have to wonder what happens next. Keep in mind, your Fiancée will also have questions. Will she get the answers from you or have to rely on the embassy or her misinformed friends?

My Russian Fiancee K1 Visa Kit includes:

  1. Detailed explanations and guidance on each step of the process.
  2. Complete set of electronic forms which can be printed or filled out on your computer.
  3. Templates, guides and examples based on successful application packages.
  4. Time saving links to the most current USCIS information to speed you through the administrative work.
  5. Money Saving tips that will pay for the kit ten times over.
  6. Chapter List (40 pages + forms and templates)

The I-129f, Petition for Alien Fiancé

  • How to prepare this form
  • Guidance on Foreign languages and names
  • Electronic Version of Form included

The Biographical Background Form

  • How to prepare this form
  • Electronic Version of Form included

About Your Birth Certificate

  • Why it’s so important
  • How to obtain this form if you don’t have it

Translated Documents
Proper way to record translations
The Cover Letter
Sample Cover Letter
The Affidavit: Intention to Marry
Template including notary endorsement language
Expense Planning
Table for anticipating all expenses
Proof of Relationship Template
Comprehensive Power Point Template – Successfully tested through USCIS
Interview at the US Embassy

  • What to expect before the interview
  • Typical questions officials ask
  • Expenses to anticipate
  • Details on the Medical Exam
  • Vaccination Requirements

Financial Documents

  • What to prepare and send
  • Employment Verification Sample Letter
  • Bank Letter

Things to Consider
Psychological and Physical Issues
Photographic Requirements
What USCIS wants to see in a photo
After She Arrives
Essential paperwork you should file immediately
After the Wedding
The process of Adjusting Status – How to function between the K1 status and AOS status

Appendix of Templates

  • Blank Templates that can be edited in any word processing program
  • Cover Letter for Fiancé Visa Petition including checklist
  • Intention to Marry Document
  • Employment Verification Letter
  • I-129f Application Form
  • I-134 Affidavit of Support
  • G-325 Biographic Information
  • *Forms are in Adobe Acrobat fillable format (can be printed and filled in by hand or completed electronically using adobe acrobat)
  • Proof of Relationship Template in Microsoft Powerpoint format

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My Russian Fiancee K1 Visa Kit