My Personal Experience In Using Reset Password Pro Software


My Personal Experience In Using Reset Password Pro Software

You may have heard of the Reset Password Pro before and if you want to know more details about this, then you better read this article as I share to you my personal experience in using this tool.

There was one time when I had to leave the office for a month long vacation. When I came back in the office, I was faced with a dilemma since I have forgotten what my computer’s password is. No matter how I racked my brain to figure out what my password is, I can’t seem to really figure out what it is.

It was very Frustrating

I ended up feeling so frustrated because all the important files I have kept for so long are no longer accessible. My colleague recommended that I download a password reset tool so I searched online for a solution to my problem. And that’s when I came across the Reset Password Pro.

I did my Homework

Before I decided to install the tool, I made various researches and read feedback and reviews from other customers as well. The opinions I’ve read were positive so I decided to give it a try.

What I Did

The first thing I did was click on the link on their site that says “Download Reset Password Pro”. After that, I was taken to a page and was asked to click on a button that says “Download Now”. As for the payment options, I was pleased to know that they accept PayPal since I did not have my credit card with me at that time.

As soon as they secured my payment, they gave me a username and password which I used to log in to download the tool. The installation procedure is just easy and the great thing is that they included videos and images on the site where I can refer to for guidance on the proper way of installing the tool.

In only a few minutes, I was done with the installation and the next step required me to create a boot disk. This basically requires you to make use of a CD or a USB drive in order to burn the tool and run it on the PC in case you forget your password.

Boy, I was so glad I downloaded the tool because I realized later on that I have also forgotten the password on my laptop which I rarely use. So what I did was plug in the USB drive to my laptop computer and in a few minutes, it showed me the list of the Administrators that were using the laptop.

I simply clicked on my name and click on “Reset”. Afterwards, my laptop was unlocked and it allowed me to log in even if I have not keyed in any password. Basically, what the tool did was remove the password option safely so I could log in without having to enter the password.

So as you can see, using the tool is just so easy. Because of the great experience I have with this tool, I would personally recommend this to those who have the same problem as mine.