Muscular Bodyweight for the High School & College Athlete


Muscular Bodyweight for the High School & College Athlete


If only you were BIGGER, STRONGER and had more MUSCLE MASS…

The problem is that you need to seek out knowledge from a source that can ACTUALLY help you achieve goals you are so desperately trying to achieve. This can be difficult because EVERYONE thinks that they have the answer.

A routine and simple nutritional facts that began to add size to thinner frame. The greatest secret in creating more muscle mass is that there is NO SECRET.

It is accurate. There are no pills, potions, and unfortunately no MUSCLE FAIRY that comes at night. You only need a very simple routine, dietary guidelines, and the discipline required. Nothing else.

Introducing… The Bigger Athlete


A simple, straightforward, 187 page guide, teaching you the basics of adding MAXIMUM muscle in the MINIMUM amount of time.
Sound too good to be true?

Start turning heads, getting bigger, and start getting noticed. Create the new muscular guy YOU WANT to become.

About the Author

Keith Sheara is a former World Championship Wrestling Pro Wrestler, Personal Trainer, and Former K-12 Educator…

Keith Sheara’s 13 year pro wrestling career spanned from 1991 to 2004. Keith has worked with major promotions such as the now defunct Extreme Championship Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling out of Atlanta, Georgia. Keith has also coached high school football as well as track. Over the past 20 years Keith has traveled to 6 different countries, helping young athletes with success as well as their mental mindset.

Keith runs K-Train Fitness Personal training as well as the creation of the women’s weight loss accelerator AQUA-EX FOR WOMEN.

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Muscular Bodyweight for the High School & College Athlete