Mountain Bike Buying Guide


Mountain Bike Buying Guide


If you are searching for a new mountain-bike and are becoming frustrated or confused by all your options this is the answer.

Introducing… Mountain Bike Buying Guide


It has all the information you need to find your next mountain-bike. It walks you step-by-step through a unique, easy to follow process to find it.

But not just any bicycle, the process will show you how to find the bicycle that is best suited to you.

Finding your perfect bicycle will let you have even more fun doing something you already enjoy.

And no longer do you have to be confused by the latest advances in mountain-bikes. In fact, with this e-book you don’t have to know anything about bicycles.

No need to learn the jargon or understand new concepts.

It comes complete with a summary sheet to track your progress as you follow the simple process. This summary sheet will make finding your new bicycle even easier- anyone can do it!

You Can Save Money Too

Not only can you find your perfect bicycle… the book includes techniques to reduce the price you pay for your bicycle. Once you discover these simple techniques you will be confident in getting a cheaper price for any bicycle you choose. So you can afford to get a better bicycle for the same amount of money.

Your new purchase will impress your mates and they won’t believe how cheap you got it. Everyone will want to take it for a spin and find out your secret for getting it so cheap.

But in addition to discovering how to get a discount on the price, This book shows you methods to get stuff thrown in free. It even tells you exactly what to say – word for word! Soon you will be able to get a better bicycle for the same price and get extras thrown in for free.

This all means more bicycle for less money and you are going to love trying out your new accessories on your favorite trail.

The Mountain Bike Buying Guide  is made specifically for mountain-bikers. It doesn’t contain general information about road bicycles – it is 100% focused on mountain-bikes.

This book isn’t just about finding a bicycle that is perfect for you. Once you have your new bicycle there is still more you need to do like set it up. That’s why this exclusive book also walk you through a 10 step system to correctly fitting your new bicycle (or any bicycle for that matter). Get more efficiency out of your riding with a properly fitted bicycle.

Ride for longer and easier.

Actually have the energy to enjoy what you are doing.

No more sore neck and shoulders. Feel comfortable. When you are nice and comfortable on your bicycle, the trail seems to fly by and you will finish your ride remembering the fun you had rather than the sore neck you once had.

Everything You Need

Based on 11 years of highly successful experience, this 85 page “how to” manual covers everything you will ever need to find your next mountain-bike and get years of use and enjoyment out of it. Topics like…

  • How to find your perfect bicycle type and have the confidence to hit the trails hard.
  • What size you need to get the most enjoyment out of your riding.
  • What sort of bicycle your money will get you and how to make sure you don’t get ripped off.
  • Its components and the 4 most important components you should focus on.
  • How to actually find your perfect bicycle and not get distracted by all the hype.
  • Where you should buy it from and the worst shop chain in the world (watchout for this well known company!).
  • The absolute best time to buy it to save money.
  • How to negotiate a win-win deal from your shop (following only 1 of these strategies will effortlessly recoup the cost of this book – and it is the easiest one too!).
  • How to get a proper test ride out on the trail.
  • Discover which one is right for no matter what sort of riding you are going to do.

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Mountain Bike Buying Guide