Model Railroads for Beginners – Model Railroad Track Plans



Model Railroads for Beginners – Model Railroad Track Plans


“Model Railroads for Beginners” is a one stop book that holds all the secrets to your breathtaking railroad.

This downloadable book has been years in the making and grabs the process of planning and building your layout by the scruff of the neck:

+ How to get started effortlessly – it’s all down to the simple step by step planning
+ How to sidestep those mistakes every beginner gets suckered in to
+ How to make sure your trains and track run smoothly and compliments the scenery
+ How to look after your engines, rolling stock and layout. After all, it’ll be your pride and joy!

These are just some of the critical principles that make or break or a layout. Fortunately, every base is covered in Model Railroads for Beginners.

So what’s stopping you? You really are just one click away from starting a journey that’ll give you years and years of joy.


Here’s a taster of the treat you’re in for:

+ How to choose the layout that gets the most from your budget and available space
+ DCC systems demystified so anyone can plan for one.
+ How to calculate how many engines you can run at one time – and what you need to increase it.
+ How to find where those annoying electrical problems are – and how to fix ’em.
+ The right scale for you (get this wrong and it’ll drive you insane).
+ Where you can buy most (not all) of your stuff at discount
+ How to make scenery from items you’d normally throw away
+ Simple ways to make meadows and fields come to life
+ Which track options are best for you – and why
+ All engines and rolling stock are not equal – see how and why and save a small fortune.
+ Simple ways to clean your track – and make a track cleaner
+ Weathering made easy – of course, I’m biased, but you won’t find better a better way to make your engines, rolling stock and scenery look aged.
+ How to wire your layout from start to finish
+ And a lot, lot more…

That’s just some of the nuggets you’ll uncover in Model Railroads for Beginners. It’s there for you, right now.

What’s more, it’s continually being developed, tweaked and improved. But best of all, the updates are free, for life.