MMA Fight Psychology – Renegade Mindset Techniques for Fighters




MMA Fight Psychology – Renegade Mindset Techniques for Fighters


Discover the Secret to Crippling Your Opponent’s Focus with a Glance, Hannibal Lector-Style Calm in Fights and the Underground Techniques for Triggering Match-Dominating Aggression at Will.

The octagon is YOUR jungle. Any opponent who dares stand in front of you must be put down like a red-zone pit bull. Nothing should stand in your way. You must be absolutely confident that you can take care of business…

How Most Fighters Sabotage their Matches – Before They Get in the Cage!

Although most fighters believe that the fight is 90 percent mental and ten percent physical, they train 90 percent physical and ten percent mental. That is going to have to change as MMA continues to evolve or those fighters will be left behind.

Elite fighters know that there is an inner and an outer game. Your day-to-day training and conditioning prepares your outer game. Strength, endurance, stamina, and techniques are directly impacted by your dedication to the art.

Unfortunately, most fighters spend 90% of their time on the outer game (the easy part) and only 10% of their time on the inner game.

Your Inner Game happens in your skull. It’s the mental side of the equation that controls your intensity, endurance, and tenacity.

It’s the ingredients that dictate IF you will give up.

Without a doubt, the fighter that can marshal both the physical and emotional wins every match. They have a metal-cutting intensity that cripples their opponent before the first strike is thrown. Their presence dominates the ring.

Introducing the Renegade Mindset Techniques For Fighters System

renegade-mindset-techniques-bundleYou’ll never fight the same way again.

Check out some of the info in MMA Fight Psychology – Renegade Mindset Techniques for Fighters

• NLP – Hack into your subconscious and hardwire your instincts and reflexes for lethal power
• The Ultimate Tap Out – The secret art of tapping into your body’s energy system – to cast spells of relaxation, unstoppable confidence, and scary intensity
• Energy Psychology – use your fingertips to unlock your reservoir of “primal aggression”
• Hypnosis – State of the Art visualization that imprints the fight sequence on your subconscious. Your victory is assured because your body will already know the exact steps to achieve it
• How to pinpoint your training goals and set a clear path to achieving them
• Never set weak and wimpy goals ever again
• Quickly pinpoint the beliefs that are sabotaging your performance
• 5 Mental Fighting Weapons that will vault you ahead of your competition (They won’t be able to prepare for the mental warfare you’ll unleash on them!)
• Why “Positive Thinking” is for losers (and how to tap into the real results-only mindset known only to elite fighters)
• 7 Steps for kicking your “Inner Critic” off your shoulder and bury that blood-sucking bastard forever
• A spooky effective technique that will hack your emotions and clear your mind for instant intensity (this mojo is ancient and isn’t taught at your local gym)
• You know your breathing is key for explosive power – but you’re doing it wrong …incredible, but you’ll kick yourself when you read this
• How to put yourself into a relaxed fighting trance within seconds
• Uncover how to use simple mental programs to ignite confidence and unlock supernatural speed (it’s inside you – you’ve just ignored it!)
• How to slip into healing trance to speed physical recovery (it isn’t superhero stuff – but it’s close 🙂
• Never have to search for the Zone ever again – Snap-Your-Fingers easy to step into the zone at will
• Wicked – Learn to drain your opponents energy (and build yours at the same time)
• And a lot more…

Frankly, if you are hungry for ANY edge then RENEGADE MENTAL TECHNIQUES for Fighters is a must.

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MMA Fight Psychology – Renegade Mindset Techniques for Fighters