Mind Control Seduction Technique


Mind Control Seduction Technique



Can you imagine how many women you could sleep with if you could control a woman’s mind?
Imagine how powerful you would feel if you could ask a question and immediately bypass her conscious control and force her unconscious mind to feel attracted to you?

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it. It sounds like something from a science fiction movie. But it’s real.

A fascinating man called Thomas has taken techniques used by therapists to help fix phobias and he has used them to sleep with women by making changes in their brain without them knowing it.

Some people are saying this technique should be illegal. I’ll let you decide. Watch the video below. It will change your sex life forever…

Dexter Laforte

P.S. Lots of people are trying to take this video down because it is so controversial. If you click on the link and it is no longer there then I’m sorry but you are too late. Click the link now and if the video is there watch it right away: