Microsoft (MS) Excel Video Training Course – Beginner & Advanced


Microsoft (MS) Excel Video Training Course – Beginner & Advanced


This Proven System Works For Anyone, Any Age, Even If You Have Absolutely NO Computer Skills

  • Obtain a higher paying job or get a promotion with your newly acquired abilities…
  • Pass that college exam with flying colors (your professor doesn’t need to know how you did it!)
  • Hone your skills on one of the most in-demand business applications in use today – Microsoft (MS) Excel!

For the first time ever, you can obtain BOTH VOLUMES of the Fast Track to Excel home study course, for one low price. This is an incredible offer, available only for a limited time.

Introducing… Microsoft (MS) Excel Video Training Course – Beginner & Advanced


Volume 1: Beginner

  • Basic spreadsheet usage and terms
  • The new Excel interface
  • Basic spreadsheet functions (cells, formulas, data entry, calculations)
  • How to format your spreadsheet to make it look like a million bucks
  • Creating charts from your data
  • 2 1/2 hours of hands on, in depth tutorial that will get you up to speed with most of its uses

Let’s take a look in this powerful, easy to learn first module (and you can actually watch some samples below):

Title Length (min:sec)

Introduction To Excel 2:19
The Ribbon 2:34
Spreadsheets & Cells 5:13
The Formula Bar 4:51
The Information Bar 3:07
Entering Data 4:59
Data & Autofill 5:26
Formatting 4:15
Formatting Cells 9:20
Introduction To Formulas 6:05
Range Reference & Functions 10:27
More Formulas 5:48
Formatting For Currency 2:26
Conditional Formatting 7:36
Absolute References 12:09
Borders 9:45
Filling Cells 5:11
Styles 5:55
More Functions 10:08
Illustrations 8:08
Introduction To Charts 12:38
Printing 6:38
Closing Statements 0:58

Watch these sample right now! (NOTE: This is a low-resolution version for preview purposes only.)

To be honest, after these tutorials, you’ll already know more about this software than most people that have been using it for YEARS. But it doesn’t stop there…


Volume 2: Advanced

  • Learn new functions and formulas that will save you time and make you look like a ‘number crunching genius’ to your colleagues…
  • Discover text manipulation and formatting that will enable you to do things with spreadsheets most people only dream of…
  • Create complicated, problem-solving formulas with logic that will send other people into a ‘brain spinning whirlwind’ – but you’ll do it with ease once you see these tutorial…
  • Master Pivot Tables to sort through vast amounts of data and find exactly what you need, instantly…
  • How would you like to automate complex tasks with ease through Macros? These powerful workhorses are explained in detail in this program…
  • And much more in this 4 hour Home Study Program…

Title Length (min:sec)

Introduction 3:19
The ROUND Function 7:07
Using ROUND 3:47
TEXT 3:41
Using TEXT 5:29
The LEN Function 3:42
The REPLACE Function 5:19
Using REPLACE And LEN 7:11
The IF Function 5:34
Using IF 6:40
More On IF 9:36
Using LEFT, RIGHT & MID 3:48
The CONCATENATE Function 2:23
The TRIM Function 4:52
Using VALUE 7:18
Working With Multiple Sheets 4:29
Drop Down 6:05
A Real World Scenario 3:13
COUNT Together 9:45
Relative & Absolute 4:20
Mulitiplying Text 4:03
The PMT Function 11:28
Introduction To Macros 9:40
More On Macros 9:46
Editing Macros 7:36
Macro Notes 3:41
Using VLOOKUP 5:33
Creating a VLOOKUP Invoice 5:55
Using HLOOKUP 11:15
Introduction To Pivot Tables 4:53
Pivot Table Options 9:36
Pivot Charts 4:07
Goal Seek 6:40
Conclusion 0:54

Over 4 hours of targeted tutorial that will help you pass that exam, even if you HATE this software.

Take a look at this sample of the program (NOTE: This is low-resolution for demonstration purposes only):

As you can see, learning this software doesn’t have to be painful! You will find no other programs that give you so much. In record time you’ll find yourself able to conquer any¬† problem and get on with your life.

Job interview? College exam? Know the software, No Problem.

These video training course was created for one purpose. So that you can learn what you need as quickly as possible, with as little hassle as possible, and get on with your life.

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Microsoft (MS) Excel Video Training Course – Beginner & Advanced