Metabolic Explosion – Burn Fat Build Muscle


Metabolic Explosion – Burn Fat Build Muscle


Learn how to use your body’s natural ability to burn-fat (even while you’re sleeping) by using the shortest, most effective metabolic-workouts… without ever needing “extreme” amounts of weight or fancy equipment. Impossible? Not if you believe what lifelong fitness professionals and men and women over 35 from all over the world are now saying…

“Maximum Effect with Minimal Effort”

That’s what we all want from our workouts – isn’t it?

More fat-burning, more muscle-building and sculpting, but without endless hours in the gym, or starvation diets.

Especially over the age of 35 (when metabolism slows down, and sarcopenia / muscle loss kicks in), many people start to give in and accept a bid decline in their physique and level of health and vitality… even if you said you’d NEVER let yourself go. Many people give up, they say “Life happens,” and accept a body they know they shouldn’t be walking around in.

If you think that a sculpted body in LESS time means beating up your joints and doing “extreme” exercises… or if you think that long hours in the gym or on the treadmill are the best way to burn-fat…

Then this message will change your mind.

“Maximum Effect with Minimum Effort” isn’t about the “sizzle” of the fitness industry – the glamorous new equipment or crazy gymnastic workouts…

It’s about maximizing the Metabolic-Effect-of-workouts – the ability to turn a limited amount of time into maximum results for your-Muscle and your Cardiovascular System… without the stress on your joints!

In fact, they are so safe to use and so EFFECTIVE for making the most of workout time, even just 3 “MM Sessions” per week is MORE than enough for many folks over 35 to burn-fat and finally start seeing definition in their abs, arms, and legs in weeks.

While Most “Metabolic-Programs: Hurt Your Joints and Are NOT Healthy in the Long Term,This Process Simply WORKS!…

Most OTHER metabolic-workouts don’t just stress your-muscles, they stress your joints and ligaments to the max.

The fact of the matter is that high-impact workouts that stress your joints don’t contribute anything extra to your fitness results and your metabolism, they just create injuries!

Listen up – you DON’T need to stress your joints with high-impact exercises to build-explosive-muscles (the martial arts masters of a hundred years ago didn’t need it, and neither do you!). Instead, all you need to do is challenge your-muscles – and that’s EXACTLY what “Metabolic Explosion – Burn Fat Build Muscle” is about: maximum muscle-challenge without the high-impact nonsense.

Introducing… Metabolic Explosion – Burn Fat Build Muscle

Essentially, the Metabolic Explosion – Burn Fat Build Muscle is the best way to build-explosive strength with a focus on longevity and joint health at the SAME TIME. Normal “plyometric” exercises will leave you in all kinds of pain – and they’re made for college or professional athletes (who won’t have to deal with their injuries for another 10-20 years). At our age, it is 10x safer, and twice as effective.

These Quick Techniques Based on Ancient Martial Arts Principles Are Really Hard to Find

 None of the fancy ‘gadgets’ sold on TV are needed to be a fast, effective workout at home

The last ten years of “Metabolic-Training” in the Western world have been entirely about sales and marketing – and NOT about the science of improving the metabolism / sculpting the body. “P90X,” “The Shake Weight,” the “BowFlex”, and all that other nonsense is all about trying to squeeze more sales from regular people who’re trying to get in shape.

They’ve made it “extreme,” they’ve used wild equipment, and they’ve turned it into every kind “home-based workout” DVD you can think of.

The fact of the matter is that the basics of training are the same now as they were over 150 years ago when Master Kano was training his students, and this system is LESS complicated and more “straight to the point” than 95% of the hyped-up nonsense that’s gotten popular these days.

When you take away the sizzle, the science of cranking up the human metabolism and burning a LOT more-fat in a lot less time is LESS complicated than the fitness industry wants you to think. Master Kano’s early Judo training (and the martial arts training of many healthy and long-lived masters before him) was about strengthening the entire body, stay lean and fit (not bloated like a body-builder), while also keeping longevity in mind. If your workout will need to drastically change in 5 years when your injuries develop or your body ages, then your workout is NOT focused on longevity.

You won’t find any program on the planet that breaks down such simple, targeted fat-burning workouts with NONE of the “high-impact” or “extreme” nonsense that helps the fitness industry sell DVDs on midnight infomercials. You won’t find another fitness program that can help you burn-more-fat, boost your metabolism, and shorten your workouts.

These Fitness Boosters Work for Anyone, Male or Female, No Matter How Young or Old You Are

Unlike many dangerous ‘high-impact’ workouts, Metabolic Explosion – Burn Fat Build Muscle works just as well for people in their 60’s as it does for people in their 30’s!

The fact of the matter is that 90% of “Metabolic-Training” programs that have been made popular are more for athletes and workout freaks than they are for “regular” folks. Jumping up on boxes, juggling heavy new equipment, and dangerous / straining workouts are not what most people need. In fact – if you’re over 35 or 40 years old – it’s WORSE for you, not better.

“Metabolic-Maximizers” were created as add-on workouts that could be used alone or with other workout routines to help skyrocket your body’s natural ability to burn-fat AFTER your workouts (the so-called “after-burn effect” of proper metabolic-training), no matter what your age, no matter what your weight, and with no difference whether you’re a man or woman.

This is a program where you won’t see “Burpees” and other crazy jumping exercises, or anything at all that that stresses and strains your joints.

The Metabolic Explosion – Burn Fat Build Muscle program works out both the ‘fast twitch’ (quick and explosive) and the ‘slow twitch’ (endurance-oriented) muscle-fibers, helping to fend against age-related muscle-loss in your upper body, lower body, and core.

The Metabolic Explosion – Burn Fat Build Muscle works out both the ‘fast twitch’ (quick and explosive) and the ‘slow twitch’ (endurance-oriented) muscle-fibers, helping to fend against age-related muscle-loss in your upper body, lower body, and core.

The Metabolic Explosion – Burn Fat Build Muscle was created to help you achieve any weight-loss or body transformation goal by boosting your body’s natural ability to burn-fat around the clock – and by recruiting more of what is called your “fast-twitch” muscle-fibers into every workout. If all you do is slow cardio workouts, you’re actually not even using nearly half of the muscle-fibers you could be!

“Fast-Twitch” fibers are made for explosive movements, and by “slowing down” with age, we often neglect these fibers and become “helpless victims” of Sarcopenia (age-related muscle-loss). In fact, you’re not helpless at all, the Metabolic Explosion – Burn Fat Build Muscle program has all the tools you need to fight back with 8-minute workouts that will enhance your strength, power, and metabolism just like turning back the clock on your biological age!

Everything You Need to Know Has Been Boiled Down to This Simple-to-Use Video Program and Handbook

The Solution is found in Metabolic-Multipliers, exercises that focus on challenging your-muscles and not your joints. This is the same exact style of metabolic-training used by Jigoro Kano (the inventor of the martial art known as Judo), and takes his philosophy to heart: “Maximum Effect with Minimum Effort.” These workouts are Only 8 to 10 minutes long – never longer.

The Results have been proven through the centuries, and can be seen every day in the sculpted bodies of Judo practitioners and healthy martial artists all over the world – and now YOU can have the “Handbook” version of this simple metabolism-boosting formula to use for yourself!

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