Mental Toughness Training for Athletes: Tension Blaster Workout


Mental Toughness Training for Athletes: Tension Blaster Workout


ATTENTION: Athletes, how often do you feel nerves, stress or tension getting in the way of performing at your peak?

How Would Your Life Change If You Had a Proven, Scientific Method to Transform Your Stress and Tension Into Primal Power, Indestructible Confidence, Deep Relaxation, Zen-Like Focus, and Nerves of Steel?

Up until now, only a few athletes have been able to access true Mental Toughness. Now, for the first time, Riley Holland, Head Coach of Neuromuscular Release Work (NRW) has teamed up with Quinn Casey, Mixed Martial Artist and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach, to show you mind-blowing techniques that practically guarantee a massive leap and overall dominance…the Tension Blaster Workouts are the missing piece of any well-rounded training program.

No, it’s not some new “super-supplement” from the ancient jungles of wherever. It’s not New Age affirmation, “positive-thinking,” or other forms of assisted make-believe.

It’s not a collection of motivational quotes and stories that will make you feel good for five minutes and then collect dust on your bookshelf for all eternity.

It’s not typical sports psychology. It’s not a gimmicky magic bullet. And it’s not a bunch of rehashed, fluffy psychobabble.

You’ve probably wasted enough time with that stuff already.

It’s the just simple science of how your brain works, and how a powerful technique called Neuromuscular Release Work (NRW) leverages that truth to “crack the code” of Mental Toughness, once and for all.

For a Solid Psychological Game, You Need to…

  • Keep your cool and become a clutch performer under pressure (and thrive on the adrenaline wave instead of choking)…
  • Keep your confidence at 100% all the time, regardless of circumstances…
  • Overcome nerves, jitters, yips, and performance anxiety…
  • Play as well as you practice (or better)…

Stay motivated and energized no matter what (so you can set and meet realistic goals and never make excuses again)…

Mental Toughness Is the Difference Between Winning and Losing

They say sports (and life) are 90% mental. But what does that really mean?

You already know you should be confident. You know you should be focused, motivated, relaxed, positive, and cool under pressure.

You don’t need anyone to tell you that.

What you need is a technique that builds these skills into your Psychological Game. Something that gives you Mental Toughness as reliably as weight-lifting gives you strength, and sprinting gives you speed.

And you need it no matter how talented you are.

How to Become King of the Jungle: The Pre-Historic Origin of Your Nerves

Call it nerves, the yips, jitters, butterflies, stress, anxiety, fear, whatever. What it comes down to is simple. The most basic and powerful switch in your body turns from chill-out mode to freak-out mode.

It’s the ancient reptile part of your brain. You can’t negotiate with it.

When you’re in freak-out mode, your reptile brain thinks your survival is in danger. The whole body and brain get hijacked. No amount of positive self-talk will save you. Visualization won’t save you. Cognitive restructuring, pep talks, understanding your feelings, or motivational quotes won’t save you.

Your dominance goes down the drain, and your stress chokes you. No matter how good you are, you’re gonna get beat.

When you’re in chill-out mode, you don’t need any of that stuff anyway. Your effortlessly dominant, and deeply relaxed. You have the hidden edge. And everyone will recognize it–though they may not be able to put their finger on just what it is…

This isn’t some new, trendy idea. This is the way the human nervous system works. And it’s worked this way for hundreds of thousands of years.

When the danger switch is triggered, the whole system gets taken over, and you choke.

When it doesn’t, you don’t.

Are You Top Dog Or Bottom Dog?

It’s nice to believe that we’re all equal. It’s nice to believe in the tooth fairy, too.

But as a competitor, you can’t afford to indulge in illusions. The first rule is to face the facts.

And the fact is, whenever two or more people come together, an instant size-up takes place. Who’s Top Dog, and who’s Bottom Dog?

It happens in a flash. It’s an ancient reflex. And it’s ruthless.

It gets even more ruthless when the other guy psyches you out, plants seeds of doubt in your head, and savagely exploits your innate vulnerability.

Especially when that same critical voice is already circling around in your head, tearing you down and eroding your confidence, motivation and resilience.

This is the Psycholigical Battle. It makes things breezy for the Top Dog, and tough as hell for the Bottom Dog.

And if you lose that battle, you’re lunch.

You can’t hide your mental state. It shows in your posture. It shows in every movement you make. And you can’t fake it. Whether you’re crumbling with nerves, or rock-solid confident, it’s there for all to see. And it’ll decide where you end up on the totem pole, and what spoils of war you take home with you.

That’s the Law of the Jungle. That’s what’s at stake in the battle for Mind Dominance.

Signs of a Limp Mind Game

…Do You Ever…

…get nervous before competition? (or play worse than you practice?)…
…have to psych yourself up to feel powerful? (or force yourself to work out and train?)…
…have trouble focusing? (or get distracted thinking about how you might fail, what other people might think, and other mental chatter?)…
…worry, over think, or over-analyze your performance?
…question your ability to win? (or have trouble with confidence and self-image?)…
…dwell on mistakes, failures and frustrations? (or get thrown off by setbacks, slumps, and disappointments?)…

Of course you do.

That’s because these aren’t problems you have, they’re problems everyone has, to one degree or another.

Everyone’s got a little Bottom Dog in them, even the most talented professionals. They may be tougher than average, but the stakes are higher, too. In one way or another, everyone’s got to fight this inner battle.

If you want the Mental Toughness that’s going to help you win the game before it starts, you have to go to war against your inner weakness and root out the Bottom Dog instincts within you.

You have to battle your own inner opponent and retrain your ancient brain until the Top Dog reflex comes as easily as breathing.

But once you do that, beating the outer opponent is just a formality…

Introducing… Mental Toughness Training for Athletes: Tension Blaster Workout


Here’s How It Works: The Science of Mental Toughness

It means high dominance (testosterone) and low stress (cortisol).

NRW gives you BOTH.

Recent studies show that body posture has an enormous impact on hormone levels in the body. You can spike testosterone levels in just a few minutes by imitating certain dominant postures.

NRW permanently transforms your body into its into its primal posture. As dominant body language and posture become second nature, your body sends constant dominance signals to your brain. Hence, your everyday testosterone levels go UP.

That’s how you make a powerful, masculine presence a permanent and effortless part of who you are. No imitation required. You become the real thing.

That’s the dominance part. The first half of winning the Mental Battle.

But unless you train for both high dominance AND low stress, you’re always walking in the shadow of your tension. It can pounce on you at any moment and short-circuit your performance.

You need to be dominant AND eliminate tension and stress permanently.

Get those cortisol levels down. Defuse those time bombs of tension that are waiting to go off at any moment. Get your primal brain out of its chronic fight-or-flight response, and overcome fear once and for all.

Remember, the King of the Jungle isn’t just strong, powerful and dominant. He’s the King because he’s relaxed under pressure. He’s terribly calm, poised, and cool no matter how tough the situation.

That’s true Mental Toughness, true primal power and poise. You don’t have to fake it, or show it off. It’s obvious. Once you evoke your primal posture, your opponent will instantly recognize it. And so will everyone else. It’s in your walk, in the way you carry yourself, your every move, your every breath.

That’s what NRW gives you.

And the best part? All you have to do is do the exercises. The rest takes care of itself. As you eliminate your deep tensions, your body will automatically transform into its primal posture, and your brain will automatically start sending signals of high dominance and low stress.

That’s Mental Toughness.

When You Blast Your Deep Tensions with NRW, You’ll…

  • Bounce back from mistakes and perceived failures (as though they never happened)…
  • Overcome slumps, setbacks, frustrations, and disappointments…
  • Be recognized as a natural a leader with character and integrity…
  • Enjoy the game like you used to as a kid…
  • Get in ‘the Zone’ and stay there…


You Won’t Find This Stuff In Any Other Program

Permanently releasing the deep, chronic, unconscious neuromuscular tensions that stand in the way of a total transformation. A transformation from ordinary to excellent. From wherever you’re stuck right now all the way to the other side, to the extreme edges of your hidden potentials.

That’s where the real battle wages. That’s where you have to go if you want to win it.

How to Supercharge Your Mental Toughness Evolution with the Tension Blaster Workouts

Dedicated students of NRW spend years learning new techniques and developing proficiency.

But everyone needs a place to start. That’s why I designed the Tension Blaster Workouts with beginners in mind.

Not that it’s low-impact. Some of my long-term coaching clients use it to supplement their advanced training.

For many, these workouts are the beginning of a much larger journey. For others, they provide just enough of a tweak in Mental Toughness to meet their current goals.

Either way, this training will gain you new ground for years, even if you graduate to more advanced NRW training.

You don’t need any new equipment. And you don’t need to make any huge time commitments, either. It doesn’t take more than 15 or 20 minutes every few days to start seeing dramatic results.

Tension Blaster Workout Series

The Mental Toughness Training for Athletes: Tension Blaster Workout is made up of 3 Full Workouts and a few Bonus Exercises.

  • Workout 1 gives you 11 exercises to radically reduce tension in the eyes, face, neck, throat, and shoulders. This is where you can make the most powerful impact most quickly.
  • Workout 2 contains 5 exercises to open up the core, and focuses mostly on exercises that deepen your breath, giving you access to a much deeper level of relaxation than you’ve ever experienced.
  • Workout 3 consists of 9 exercises deals with the lower body and full body coordination for whole-body deep tension release and integration.
  • The Bonus Workout (Elite package only) gives you powerful techniques for quickly accessing the primal energies of the body so you can channel them away from your tensions and toward your goals.

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Mental Toughness Training for Athletes: Tension Blaster Workout