Men’s Clothing Guide Book


Men’s Clothing Guide Book


Hot new book reveals… The Astonishing Style Secrets Of The Most Satisfied… Most Knowledgeable… And Most Respected Lovers In The World!

Learn to look your best and draw female attention, at any age… with the amazing secrets and discoveries in the recently updated
“For Men Only” eBook that is dramatically changing men’s (and women’s) lives literally overnight…

By far, the fastest and easiest way of conveying that you’re worthy of sex is through your clothes. Clothes communicate social status, self-confidence and wealth.

The better you dress, the more powerful your signals will be.

Labor Economics Magazine Study Proves that Looks DO matter

[…] Grooming has the largest effect on GPA (Grade Point Average) for male students […] – Michael T. French, University of Miami

The fact of the matter is there are dozens of studies just like the one I quoted above… These studies CLEARLY reveal the fact that…
handsome people:

have more friends, larger social circles and healthier relationships
HOTTER sexual partners and more sex!…
better paying jobs,
own more companies and corporations,
have lower divorce rates…
and MANY other “unfair” advantages!

Obviously, you can’t fool anyone into thinking you’re handsome when you’re not. But what you can do is play the first impression game.

You can be the best “you” that you’re capable of by dressing for success. People have hard-wired good emotions towards other people who take care of themselves. This means better relationships and more life opportunities for you.

Introducing… The Be Stylish! A to Z Crash Course

be-stylish-cover-2Men’s Clothing Guide Book

Think of this one-of-a-kind eBook as your personal image consultant that will literally turn you into a hot *well dressed* sexually aware man, all without spending tons of money on expensive designer clothes.

Here are just a few of the benefits of dressing stylishly:

  • More sex! When you have women literally hitting on you, you’ll be the one rejecting THEM.
  • Show your best traits and hide your body flaws (hanging belly, too short, too skinny etc.). Sneaky, but girls do this ALL THE TIME!
  • Have people treat you better and enjoy your company more. Hey, you look great! – you’ll hear this a lot…
  • You’ll feel confident day in and day out and opportunities will finally start coming your way. Your suggestions and decisions will weigh more.
  • How to quickly win the respect and trust of powerful people by becoming “a well dressed rebel”.
  • Make your girlfriend fall in love with you all over again. In fact, you’ll be able spark sexual attraction in every woman you meet, using my secret style combos.
  • Put your career into high gear. Use your personal image and charisma to help attain your financial goals.
  • How to mix and match colors and clothes. Learn the science of looking handsome.
  • Use the power of accessories to express your personality and send undercover SEX signals to women. They’ll wanna know “where you got that ring from”.
  • Give off a STRONG classy vibe by wearing a suit in the right size and fit. Knowing the details of this wonderful item of clothing is essential.
  • And much, much more…

Best of all, you’ll learn to look great without going broke! Waive those fat cats designer houses goodbye and keep your money for more important things.

This Men’s Clothing Guide Book for (quickly) changing your personal image can be learned by anyone. And, for this…

You don’t need to be tall
You don’t need to be handsome
You don’t need to have muscles
You don’t need to have any current sense of fashion and style whatsoever
You can be 18 or 80 – it doesn’t matter. (Women are attracted like crazy by well-dressed older men.)

Dress Like You’re Getting Laid

Ask yourself: what would I give in exchange for a personal image that everyone will respect and admire?

Can you imagine giving off a strong sexual vibe to every woman you meet, triggering heart pounding attraction and nail-biting sexual desire inside her?

Are you willing to be that man?

The secrets which will make you look and feel great, that will give you floods of respect and admiration from those around you, and will ultimately turn you into a highly respected and attractive man, are finally here. You’re just a click away from them!

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Men’s Clothing Guide Book