Memory Improvement Made Easy Honest Review


Memory Improvement Made Easy Honest Review


Have you ever wanted, or felt you needed, to improve your memory but had no idea what to do or how to begin? Or maybe your memory is ok, but you still have questions on how to improve it.

I just came across an eBook that blew my mind! It is now my Memory Improvement Bible.

Here is my review of the eBook, “Memory Improvement Made Easy”.


Memory improvement is a huge topic, and it can be approached at different levels. This books takes a balanced a approach between the scientific facts about human memory and its functions and the more fun and easy-to-do exercises and techniques to improve it in a short time. I would say anyone can read it, at any age, and everyone will find many topics of interest.

His book covers soup to nuts:

-How you can boost it with easy exercises and techniques.
-What can you do to help prevent memory loss…
-Mnemonic and other memorization techniques for recalling purposes.
-Enhance your sensory by exercising your 5 senses.
-The importance of sleep.
-How to prepare exams and get better results.

It includes so much more. He gives you a true overview as well as specifics on anything to do with keeping it live and sharp, for life.

Leo obviously loves it and tried to share his knowledge and experience to every enthusiast. His caring for them comes through in the words he writes. A must read for anyone who wishes to improve his memory, or feels he need to do so.


Although I learned a lot and it was a good read, there are some sections on the text where it mentions things such as “Studies show that…” and there is not a clear reference to what studies these are, who did the research and what year it took place. This information is in the references section of the text, but it would be interesting to know that while you read.

Bottom line:

Honestly, I’ve read a few books on human memory and for the most part, I knew what to expect. When it comes to improvement, not so much. But now that I have this book, I feel fully prepared to begin my adventure getting a better memory. Definitely one of the best reads I’ve had in a long time. I highly recommend it.

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