Manufacture and Sell Detergents, Cleaners and Chemical Products


Manufacture and Sell Detergents, Cleaners and Chemical Products


Imagine yourself becoming filthy rich with a dirt cheap investment, selling cleaning items.

There are so many “how to’s”, formulas and recipes, green cleaning goodies, bath soap and carpet shampoo, it seems an overwhelming and daunting task to find the best solution.


Learn the secrets no manufacturing company wants you to know …

Introducing…  Manufacture and Sell Detergents, Cleaners and Chemical Products

The large international producers are among the richest industries in the world – and they just keep getting richer. Between a handful of them they maintain a monopoly on a massive multi-billion dollar industry. Just think of BASF, Unilever, Dow Chemicals and Shell Chemicals.

A study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group in Germany in 2009, found that the global consumption of chemical-products in 2008 exceeded 1.9 trillion Euros.

This is an amazing 3.5% of the whole world’s economic activity.


This biz is one of the most profitable industries in the world.

You are about to discover some of the most tightly kept secrets of this industry – how you can easily produce a huge range of popular high quality household, commercial and industrial detergents-and-chemical-cleaning-products.

In fact, with these formulas you can produce all of the the most profitable cleaning-and-detergent-products – from dishwashing liquids, laundry-detergents, window-cleaners, heavy duty degreasers, floor-cleaners, carpet-cleaners and many more – all from your own home, garage, or any location you choose, safely and easily, without any special equipment, and no knowledge of chemical-science.

126 of the world’s best formulas for manufacturing-chemical-and-cleaning-products for:

  • Car wash / auto care and cleaning.
  • Fabric and clothing care and cleaning.
  • Household and kitchen cleaning and maintenance.
  • Industrial cleaning and maintenance.

These are excellent, one of a kind books in a low risk, high profit industry, easy to get started with… AND you won’t find this information anywhere else. Not on the internet, in a library, or in a bookstore!

These books are written in layman’s language and you can benefit immediately from them.

  • Start up costs are low. You can jump start your business with a very small investment.
  • Products are easy to produce, but extremely powerful.
  • Raw materials are readily available anywhere from international chemical-suppliers.
  • Your products cannot be copied. The secret is in your book of formulas.
  • It is a sound business, with unlimited growth potential.
  • The market will never be saturated.
  • After your initial start-up, you only replace what you use.
  • You sell your them at your own convenience.
  • This industry is one of the most profitable on the planet.

These are the same items as those used every day, world wide, in all industries, households, factories, offices, public buildings, hospitals, schools and, in fact, anywhere you can think of.

Just imagine what you are capable of, having 126 formulas accumulated over many years of research and practice, with which you can immediately start producing and selling your own cleaning goodies to friends, family and businesses like:

  • Resellers.
  • The Automobile / Car Wash Industry.
  • Mining and Engineering.
  • Hotels and Hospitality Industry.
  • Food and Beverage Suppliers.
  • Hospitals and Veterinary Clinics.
  • Schools and Kindergartens.
  • Contract Cleaning Businesses.
  • Industrial Laundries and Launderettes.
  • Office and Workshop Cleaning.
  • Household and Kitchen Cleaning.
  • Floor, Tile and Window Care.
  • Coach and Truck Wash Bays.

The unprecedented collection in Manufacture and Sell Detergents, Cleaners and Chemical Products contains extensive product formulas, plus invaluable resources, information and advice on branding, packaging, marketing and more!

Soap and carpet cleaning recipes are easy to find for free on the internet, but you’ll NEVER find anything like this collection of cleaning and chemical formulas that has taken years of practice and experience and countless hours to compile, edit and produce.

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Manufacture and Sell Detergents, Cleaners and Chemical Products