Maid of Honor Wedding Speeches Book Review


Maid of Honor Wedding Speeches Book Review

The Maid of Honor is an integral part of the wedding – the Bride’s mainstay. And, as somebody who knows the Bride better than anybody else present (even, arguably, the Groom!), it falls to you, as the Maid of Honor, to ensure that the wedding day is as perfect as it can possibly be.

This responsibility isn’t just limited to the big day itself: it entails a huge number of things. For example, you’re expected to help the bride with all the pre-wedding jobs too, like deciding on venues and themes, shopping for the bridal gown and bridesmaids’ dresses (and giving sincere feedback on all of them!), arranging and attending all the pre-wedding parties, and in general making sure the bride doesn’t get too stressed and is coping OK with all the demands on her.

And that’s not even counting the wedding day itself! The Maid of Honor typically has a myriad of responsibilities on the wedding day (from decorating the venue to welcoming the groom’s mom and dad to making sure that all the reception guests are enjoying themselves), but in general, the one that causes the most universal distress is The Speech.

Yes, the Maid of Honor is one of the lucky few who are duty-bound to make a speech on the day of the wedding.

Traditionally, this speech lasts somewhere between three and five minutes, which doesn’t necessarily sound like all that much – until you think about having to fill that time, as the sole focus of a great deal of people (frequently more than one hundred), with words that are witty, warm, meaningful, eloquent, touching and personal, and – hopefully! – funny.


In short, there’s a lot to know, a lot to learn, and a lot to deal with when you’re the Maid of Honor – and this is where Maid of Honor Speeches – Your Complete ‘How To’ Guide comes in.

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This book really does live up to the title: it’s the ultimate resource for the Maid of Honor, comprising detailed information on the speech making process itself (writing, preparing, delivering), and all the information that’s pertinent to the role of the Maid of Honor herself – ensuring that you can rise to any occasion on the big day.


Let’s take a look at specifically what’s included in this book:

Over twenty top-quality, professionally-written speeches for you to mix and match to your specific, individual requirements (so you can quickly and easily piece together a fantastic speech from the professionally-written samples on hand )

A complete, detailed, user-friendly guide to writing a great speech for the special occasion – formatted specifically for the Maid of Honor!

A complete etiquette for the Maid of Honor, which includes all the details necessary for you to be the best friend possible to the Bride on her wedding day

Proven, tried-and-true speech-writing tips: for those Maids of Honor who want to go all-out and write their own speech from scratch, you get a complete how-to guide (did I mention it’s written by professional speech-makers?)

Practical tips and advice on professional speech-delivery: how to make yourself look and sound great

Loads of jokes and one-liners to ensure that your speech is memorable for all the right reasons


It’s always gratifying to get something for nothing. And with Dan Stevens’ Maid of Honor Speeches: Your Complete ‘How To’ Guide, you get three whole bonus books – for free!

Here’s what you get:

Bridal Showers to Remember: This book supplies you with loads of original, unique ideas for throwing a bridal shower like no other

The Bachelorette Party: Packed with tips and suggestions for throwing a wild bachelorette party – there’s some pretty innovative stuff in here!

Total Unstoppable Confidence : Nerves play a big part in how well you pull off your speech-making duties – and let’s not forget about enjoying yourself at the same time! This is a downloadable audio-program that’s been put together by a professional hypnotherapist, so all you have to do is pop your headphones on, sit back, and listen to your speech-making phobias melt away.

Something else that’s guaranteed to come in handy: a private email consultation with the author of the book! If you have any queries, want to ask for advice, or could just do with some feedback, all you have to do is send an email to Dan to get all the information you need – straight from the horse’s mouth.


All in all, this is one impressive information package. Dan’s managed to cover all the bases: he’s included all the information necessary to be a fantastic Maid of Honor, and has somehow managed to do it in a user-friendly, easy-read format: you can read the whole thing in one night, and be preparing your speech the very next day.

This really is one of the few cases where the reality lives up to the title – it really is a complete how-to guide. Don’t miss it.

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