Magnetic Therapy – A Complementary Treatment Method


Magnetic Therapy – A Complementary Treatment Method


You have probably heard about magnetic therapy and have several times wondered what it is all about. Well, let’s first establish what is the magnetic force and how is it manifested in our daily life.

First of all, you have to know that the magnetic force is the force of attraction between two poles, which have negative electric charges. Thus, the negative and the positive poles attract each other. On the other hand, the poles which have the same electric charges reject each other, so two positive poles or two negative poles will exercise on each other a force of rejection. This magnetic force or energy is present all over the universe, as well as in our current life. The easiest to understand example of magnetic force from the universe is the force which makes the planets go round the sun. On the other hand, at a lower scale is the gravitational force, which is also a type of magnetic energy, which keeps all objects, animals and humans tied to the ground and prevents them from flying in space.

At even a lower level, each and every object is loaded with more or less magnetic energy and humans make no exception to this rule. When the magnetic energy is in the right quantity, the body is able to function normally. Yet, in a world where pollution, stress and increased exposure to bacteria are much more common than active getaways in nature, keeping the magnetic energy at a higher level is almost impossible. This is when the unbalance occurs, which eventually results in a weaker body and thus lower resistance to bacteria, infections and other damaging external factors occurs. On this basis of the low resistance, diseases and illnesses appear and the body is no longer able to cope with them.

If the lower immunity of the body is spotted before a disease actually is produced, then it can be treated by applying magnets on the body, which will bring back the lost equilibrium. However, if the disease has already set in, two treatments will have to be made: the traditional one, with medicines prescribed by the doctor, which will cure the disease and another one, in parallel, with magnetic therapy which will help the body recover its high resistance to external factors.

Magnetic therapy, combined with the traditional way of medication is a good way of keeping your body in good shape, minimizing the effects of the external harming factors and treating all illnesses and diseases which may appear as result of external factors.

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