Magnet4Power – Magnet Electricity Generator


Magnet4Power – Magnet Electricity Generator


There’s a BIG SECRET that the power companies don’t want any of us to know: It’s NOT 1950! That’s right, unlike previous generations who couldn’t break free from the power companies and generate their own electricity.

It’s NOT Science Fiction and you don’t need to invest $1,000’s or have a degree in engineering to generate your own electricity! And we are NOT talking about generating a tiny amount of power that won’t even make a dent in your electric bill…

Dramatically Reduce or Even Eliminate Your Electric Bill!
Get Started In Just One Weekend!
Save Up to $1,000 Or More Per Year!
No Experience or Special Training Required!




Let’s face it: Times are hard. The economy is in bad shape and we all need to find ways to save money.

Unfortunately, you can only cut back so much before all that’s left are “necessities” like the electric bill each month, which can run $100 or more, each and every month! And the worst part…

The average electric bill has more than doubled for the average household in the past 10 years, far outpacing inflation and eating into your disposable income!

Unlike past generations who had to choose between paying the electric company or not having any lights, WE HAVE A CHOICE!

That’s right, we do have a choice and the power companies hate this fact and they will try and do everything in their power to discredit this proven and inexpensive technology! Why would anyone possibly want to discourage people from being responsible stewards of the planet and actually generating their own safe, dependable energy??

Actually, if you produce more electricity than you use, the electric company is obligated by law to buy it from you at current market price! So imagine it instead of mailing a check to the electric company each month they could be sending YOU a check each month! And no you DO NOT need to invest $1,000’s in costly solar panels or windmills to transform your home into an energy producing “green home”!

Seriously, the power company wants (and has always had) lifetime customers who send in their checks each month. The power companies have known the only way for someone to “break free” from those monthly payments was to invest $1,000’s in solar panels or personalized windmills, UNTIL NOW!

It’s called a PMG, or Permanent Magnetic Generator. A PMG generates alternating current (AC) that can ultimately be used by your home and help lower, even eliminate, your electric bill each month!

Although the technology has been around for quite some time, it has never been adapted for personal home use, until now!

Working at very low rotational speed, the PMG is capable of producing 180W of electricity at just 420 RPM! Modifications can be made so that the PMG produces even more power at higher speeds, putting even more money directly into your bank account each month!!

When you place an order below you will immediately receive E-book. The E-book details how to create the Magnet4Power system from easily obtainable parts, and shows users how to save literally tons of energy and money with the system. + You will also get the Bonuses!

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