Macrame Knots, Patterns, Cord and Supplies How to Guide



Macrame Knots, Patterns, Cord and Supplies How to Guide


Introducing… One Stop Macrame Shop: The How To Guide

With the “One Stop Macrame Shop” Guide you get…

• Step-by-step Color illustrations of Knots – Color illustrations for each knot with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. These knot instructions will make it easy to create the beautiful pieces you have in mind.
• Dozens of beautiful patterns to follow – You will complete many different types of macrame projects, following step-by-step instructions or adding your own artistic twist…
• Tips & Tricks – The guide is laid out in a very easy to read format, filled with helpful hints and useful tricks to save you time, money and frustration, so you can get to the fun part more quickly!
• Your Skill Level Doesn’t Matter – This guide is great for enthusiasts of all skill levels, whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro.

An Up-To-Date Guide With Complete And Easy To Follow Instructions, Step-By-Step Knot Tutoring, Beautiful Patterns, Supplier Information And More…

“There’s Nothing Else Like it on the market today…”

No longer will you have to scour the internet trying to find answers to all your questions, look up instructions for creating different styles of knots (and hope the instructions are correct!). It’s enough frustrations to cause you to give up. And how many times have you had THAT happen before, where you just gave up on a project Because you didn’t have the answers you needed to complete it.

Simply, every section in this book, every topic we cover, every idea we put forth is because “you asked for it”. Well, not “you” really. Everything in this book comes from live questions. Questions from people like you, who love Macrame and want to know more about it. Who have questions that currently they cannot find answers for, easily, in one place.


Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll discover in the “One Stop Macrame Shop” ebook:

+ How surprisingly easy it is for the Absolute Beginner to create works of art, with patterns for you to get you started.
+ Discover what the best kind of rope to use is, depending on the design (as the saying goes…different strokes for different ropes).
+ The techniques that make your work all the same size and line up (yes no more ‘deformed’ looking creations!).
+ Find out about which Knots to use and when…(and allow yourself the freedom for your creativity to flow).
+ Where to find the Best Suppliers of Materials…on line and off
+ Clear and Accurate Instructions on how to begin. When the instructions say…fold and tie in a half knot….we’ll tell you what part of the string to fold (we know you are not mind readers, so we spell out and show you how to do a knot)!
+ Pictures, Pictures, Pictures along with the instructions – visually see how to do the knot!
+ Cool projects that appeal to every age (purses, keychains, hammock, swinging chairs, wall hangings…you name it…we got it!).
+ Learn How to Market, how to display and sell the things you make (if you really like this section…we are thinking of making another guide devoted to this topic alone, let us know your thoughts!).
+ Find out more about Cavandoli Macrame and learn how to do free form.
+ Know once and for all how long to cut your cords, so that they come out to the size plant holder that you want!
+ How to make your project look more Contemporary (we’ll show you ways to bring it up with the times and today’s style).
+ Learn what is the best way to blend colors when using cord and beads (and learn how to trust your own creative eye for color and form).
+ Finally, clear instructions on how to create wonderful plant hangers for yourself or for others.
+ Get knotted, again and again, with lots of knot types for you to practice and play with (there are more than what you may think, with the old faithfuls also being able to be used in a variety of manners).

And if All That Doesn’t Have You Tying Knots With Your Eyes Closed…

+ Patterns galore!!! Discover new, exciting, contemporary and classic patterns shown to you in photo form with easy to follow instructions (there is just SO much you can make!).
+ Learn how to make a beaded Dog Collar (so your pet is the smartest pooch on the block!).
+ Illustrated basic instructions so you can get started using the basic knotting techniques (and of course it won’t be long before you are wanting to stretch your wings for more….which you will find here in this book too!).
+ Find out what kind of hemp to buy for your project (so if you make a necklace it won’t be itchy!).
+ Craft Store Listings are yours for the viewing, so you no longer struggle to find great supplies (how annoying can that be?!)
+ Learn what size of material you should use so as to enclose and support large hanging house plants that hang from the ceiling (as it could be very messy otherwise, I know!).
+ Plenty of patterns for plant hangers, for you to follow step by step with stunning results (for the more adventurous, it can be fun to combine a couple of patterns to best suit your tastes).
+ Find out how to know how much cord you will need for a project and how to choose the right cord.
+ Teenagers will love you! Make them a hemp bracelet from one of our contemporary patterns catering to the teen market (why limit it to teens either?!).
+ Sources offered for where you can order your yarn, rings, beads and all other Macrame related products.
+ Learn the best way to add on cords (this is not as difficult as it may sound!).
+ More ideas, more patterns, more instructions, for interesting things for you to make (whether you like the traditional look and feel or wanting something more contemporary).

This is the first time anyone has offered a “One Stop Macrame Shop” where all the information you could possibly want: patterns, instructions, suppliers, jewelry, beads, trouble-shooting has been pulled together. All of this is now but a click away from being at your finger tips.