Link Building Training Course – Point Blank SEO


Link Building Training Course – Point Blank SEO


Everything a link builder needs, all in one place.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s something in this course that you desperately need.

BEGINNER – “I don’t have time to find bits & pieces of link building information across the Web! I need it all in one place.”

INTERMEDIATE – “I know what I should be doing, but how exactly do I get it done?”

EXPERT – “I’m sick of the same old link building strategies & ideas. I need something new & actionable that will take my site to the next level.”

The beauty of this course.

It is, and always will be, a work in progress! For most, this course could be considered a finished product. It’ll never be one. As new strategies are developed, as new tools enter the market, and as new link building opportunities sprout up, this course will continue to stay updated.

As information is updated, modules are added too.

Scaling your efforts has never been easier.

Our link building might be effective, but unless we can multiply our efforts, it won’t achieve nearly the success it’s capable of.

So, we have to look to other labor. The only issue is that whether it’s outsourced personnel, interns, or in-house marketers, very few have the kind of knowledge that’s needed.

That’s where this course comes into play. You can easily hand them off modules like the Beginner’s Guide and Conducting A Campaign without wasting any of your time teaching them the fundamentals.

After that, they’ll be as far as knowledge can take them. Experience does the rest.

Introducing… Link Building Training Course – Point Blank SEO



Here are just a handful of the modules you’ll find inside this course:

1. Beginner’s Guide – New to link building or trying to train others in the art? This guide is just what you need. It’ll help anyone grasp the concepts behind what we’re doing & why we’re doing it without using any fancy lingo.
2. Conducting A Campaign – Now that we understand what, it’s time for the how. This is a walkthrough, from start to finish, of a typical campaign.
3. Strategies – Every strategy known to man is included here. Consider it an optimized, revamped version of my previous mega list on my blog.
4. Tools – For those of you who have been doing this for at least a little while, you’ve noticed how many tools there are in this industry.
5. Advanced Section – Some of the most out-of-the-box & effective ideas you’ll ever come across. If you think there are no secrets in it, think again.
6. Actual Opportunities – Exact, high quality sites that you can get links from right now. Considering the cost of paid links these days, this section alone pays for the course.
7. Blueprint For New Sites – If you’re starting from day one, then you’ll love this module.
8. Ecommerce Guide – Building links for an ecommerce site? We’ve got you covered.

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Link Building Training Course – Point Blank SEO