Lhasa Apso Dogs Let Me Know When They Are Too Hot


Lhasa Apso Dogs Let Me Know When They Are Too Hot


Lhasa Apso Dogs Too Hot

One of the things about long hair dogs like my two Lhasa Apsos Chester and Roxie is that they get hot pretty quickly. Even with a summer ‘puppy’ hair cut, they still heat up. That’s why we sometimes did not venture outside for dog walks during the summer heatwave days until early evening when things got cooler.

When inside, I always know when they are too hot. They will be panting and that’s when I’ll try the open windows and ceiling fans first. But after a certain rise in temperature, we do have to resort to turning on the central A/C.


Here’s a cute short video of them panting inside the house. This was actually when they just came back inside the house after a quick walk outside. I decided to take them back out to the beach to cool off which they appreciated.

Heatwave Days Are Spent Inside

Keeping them indoors during heatwave days like the ones we’ve been suddenly having this week after a couple of days of comfortable fall temperatures is the best thing to do. So the summer is not exactly over.

Staying indoors is not a problem here since both Chester and Roxie are totally housetrained indoors to use their dog litterbox. They don’t need to go outside to do their thing. They just trot up to their dog room where their dog litterbox is located whenever they want when at home.

I can probably take more heat inside the house than my Lhasa Apso dogs since I can shed clothing before resorting to the A/C. But they still have their long dog hair (or relatively long hair even after their haircuts). So I still use them as a gauge to tell me when it’s too hot inside the house for them. They are like a natural thermometer.

Don’t Leave Your Dog In A Car During Summer Days

Very important is please do NOT leave your dog in your car during a hot summer day, even with some windows rolled down. It gets way too hot inside parked cars. Many dogs have died this way because of negligent owners. Either keep the car on with A/C or better yet, leave your dog at home. You can always go out later in the day when things are cooler.

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