Lessons of the Latest Eczema Statistics


Lessons of the Latest Eczema Statistics 


There has been an amazing shift in the eczema statistics across the globe. These changing numbers triggered a flurry of data collection and analysis as experts seek to understand it. Although there is still much to learn, what we already know holds the key to permanently solving eczema.

For years, global leaders like Western Europe, the United States, and Japan had the highest incidence of eczema. These countries were considered to have superior living conditions. Their citizens rarely encounter major germs or bacteria, so their immune systems never learned how to decipher a real threat from a minor irritation.

On the other hand, less developed nations like Mexico, Chili, and Thailand, had extremely low incidence of eczema. These countries were considered to have poor living conditions and their citizens frequently encountered germs and bacteria. Their immune systems learned to decipher true attacks from benign materials.

This theory was statistically supported for decades, but a 1991-2001 study revealed a startling change. While the overall incidence of eczema is rising, there was been a noteworthy decrease in the countries of Western Europe and a remarkable increase in countries like Mexico, Kenya, and in Southeast Asia.

Hywel Williams, Professor of Dermato-Epidemiology at The University of Nottingham, easily explains this. Poorer nations are emerging globally. Infrastructure improvements have given access to better antibiotics, affordable sterilization, and other items which would generally improve national hygiene. Meanwhile, food and household products have become more commercialized with many common items which were formerly homemade and natural now being processed with chemicals and dyes.

Citizens in these countries are no longer encountering harmful bacteria as before, but they are being exposed to foreign materials and contaminants unlike any they have ever encountered. Their immune systems are going haywire. Unable to learn how to react appropriately to germs, their systems are now attacking these new substances. Even worse, their processed foods are lacking proper nutrients and unable to aid their system’s recovery. It is the downward spiral of eczema.

However, Western European statistics reveal a hopeful insight. In the past 3 decades, they have recognized the dangers of over-sterilization. Wishing not to breed resistant “super-bugs”, they stopped liberally using super sanitizers. Meanwhile, they also have taken revolutionary steps away from the commercialization and processing of everyday items and moved toward natural alternatives. Everyday, the more chemicals and additives are banned from foods and household items.

It is the perfect equation for reducing and controlling eczema. They are giving their bodies a chance to fight off true invaders as they were always meant to. They are removing the harmful chemicals from their everyday lives and embracing safer, natural alternatives. Even better, they are flooding their bodies with wholesome nutrients instead of the wasted calories of processed foods.

There is no better way to restore a healthy balance and create an anti-eczema environment within your body. If Western Europe continues this trend, their incidence of eczema may one day disappear. Unfortunately, the rest of the world is not following this example. They saturate their bodies and lives with chemicals, harsh sterilization products, and over-processed foods and the incidence of eczema can only be expected to rise.

It is a simple solution. In fact, it something experts already knew, but is now proved. Embracing a natural lifestyle, while working to retrain and correct immune system function, is the key to controlling eczema, limiting flare ups, and living free from the burden of eczema.

The e-book Eczema Free can help you achieve this simple solution. It trains you to retrain your immune system. You will learn how to reduce your overreaction to eczema triggers, how to avoid triggers, and how to bolster your skin and overall health. It is a perfect blend of science and homeopathic alternatives, guaranteed to solve your problem. Eczema Free literally gives you step-by-step instructions to a better life.

The numbers do not lie. Do not ignore this shift, eczema decreasing in countries where it was once prevalent and increasing in countries where it once did not exist. If you can learn this lesson, you will finally know the secret to healing your body and stopping your eczema.

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