Learning Photoshop The Quick and Easy Way in a Day


learn-photoshop-in-a-day-headerLearning Photoshop The Quick and Easy Way in a Day


Do you want to be able to use Photoshop in just ONE day?

Learning Photoshop The Quick and Easy Way in a Day is a training manual which is carefully constructed so learning Photoshop is simple, quick and almost effortless.

With the easy to follow step-by-step tutorials, you could be using Photoshop with confidence in just one day, and then go on to master it like an expert!

Just imagine being able to amaze friends, family and colleagues with an array of skills which lets you literally transform any image you choose!

The program is packed with EASY step-by-step instructions and over 200 images so learning becomes so, so simple. In fact, it’s pretty much a blueprint for turning yourself into an expert, so sit back, enjoy following the step-by-step tutorials and absorb dozens of brand new skills which you can use on your own images.

“Finally teaching which you can actually understand…”

Learn with HANDS-ON experience

This training manual doesn’t frazzle your brain with hundreds of boring paragraphs. It provides easy step-by-step instructions which you will follow with your own copy of Photoshop on your own PC or Mac. The instructions will allow you to do dozens of different skills and techniques yourself. It’s fun and exciting as you follow the instructions to create your own graphics and transform your own images, and you’ll be learning while you do it!

This Training is ideal for advanced users through to complete novices

It is broken down into very small and simple tutorials which you follow step-by- step. Hundreds of screenshots are provided so you can see exactly what you have to do. There’s absolutely no jargon whatsoever. It’s easy even if you’ve never used Photoshop in your life!

You could learn faster and easier than EVER before

It is broken down into specially constructed tutorials which are not only easy and fun, but also help you to learn as much information in as short a time as possible. The whole system is pieced together so it’s confusion and effort free. You just have to sit back, follow the simple steps and you will LEARN while you do it. Before you know it, you could have expert skills at your disposal. It’s really that easy.

It takes you from novice to expert

The tutorials are progressive, so you follow them at your own pace and gradually learn more advanced methods. It means you can start with the basics and gradually turn yourself into a Photoshop wizard who can manipulate any image at will. Because of the way the tutorials are constructed, you will gradually build layers on your existing knowledge, so whether you’re on page 1 or page 100, this training will always remain simple and hassle-free.

What would you do with your new-found knowledge?

Amaze your family and friends by editing and transforming your own photographs. Almost everyone knows someone who is good with Photoshop. It could be you!

Airbrushing. Ever seen those ‘airbrushed’ images in the magazines? Editing like that is done with Photoshop, and you’ll learn the tools so you can do it yourself!

Edit images to make money. It’s true. People pay for the services of someone who can use it like a pro, and they pay well!

Create graphics such as logos and flyers. You can create them for your own ideas, for friends, for family, or even for clients

Plus many more reasons.

So, what will you learn?

You’ll learn all of this:

  • Learn how to use all the basic tools with ease. Brush tool, airbrush tool, pencil tool, eraser tool, crop tool and more.
  • Navigation. Learn how to zoom in, zoom out and completely control the navigation panel to make Photoshopping easy.
  • Magic wand and lasso tool. Learn how to use these tools and select literally ANY part of an image you wish to create endless editing possibilities.
  • Clone stamp tool, healing brush, spot healing brush and patch tools. The tools of the experts when it comes to repairing and removing any unwanted blemishes. They’re the weapons of choice for magazine-like airbrushing. Smooth away the skin and smooth away the years!
  • Layers. Learn what they are and how to manipulate them so you have FULL control over your entire design.
  • Text. Learn how to create text of ALL shapes and sizes, and how to add a host of brilliant effects.
  • Black and white. Learn the age old trick of how to turn colour photographs into black and white photographs. It’s easy!

AND all of this:

  • Paint bucket. Fill any area of your choosing with brand new colours or patterns.
  • Shapes. Learn how to use pre-set shapes and how to create your own shapes. Literally anything you want!
  • Blurs. Create that pro artistic look with every type of blur tool – such as zoom, spin, radial, motion, Gaussian and lens blur. Also use the blur, sharpen and smudge tools with ease.
  • Paths and the Pen tool. Precision selection of any element of your image. Learn about ‘masking’ and ‘Bezier objects’ and find out what they mean. It’s simple!
  • Curves. Open up whole new possibilities in graphic design by being able to create and control curves at will.
  • Pixels and resolution. Finally figure out exactly what they are and how you can manipulate them.
  • File information. Did you know that you can place personal details, camera details and even copyright details into an images ‘background data’? We’ll show you how.

AND all of this:

  • RGB vs CMYK. Find out exactly what they are, what colour temperature is and what you need to use in each situation for the best results.
  • 8 bit vs 16 bit. Which one should you use and why?
  • Full color control. Learn how to choose the right colors for images and print. Learn about highlighting and shadows. Also learn how to completely manipulate colors and settings such as hue and saturation for real professional results. It will all be explained in very simple and easy to understand terms.
  • Refine Mask. Learn what this is and how it works to select the finest and most delicate details for real editing which is flawless to the naked eye.
  • Photoshop window arrangement. Arrange all of the windows and tools on your screen like the professionals do for unparalleled levels of efficiency and ease of use. You will be amazed at how much easier Photoshop becomes to use! Also learn how to use rulers, grids and guides to make Photoshopping even easier.

AND even all of this!

  • Wave filter. Create stunning wave effects such as gentle flag movement and beyond.
  • Liquify. This handy tool can adjust shape in subtle ways or even make something melt completely!
  • Clouds. Create realistic looking clouds in minutes with these handy tools.
  • Chrome, fire or neon! These effects look great, and this is how you can do them.
  • Depth of field. Blend and merge images for stunning depth of field shots.
  • Image and canvas control. Adjust the shape, size and orientation of any image at a whim.
  • 3D tools. Turn 2D into 3D with a whole range of breathtaking 3D effects.
  • Actions. Did you know that Photoshop can be put into auto-pilot, and automatically edit a batch of images in any way you wish? It’s simple. Here’s how it’s done.
  • Animations. And you thought learning 3D effects was cool! You’ll even learn how to animate images.
  • Doll-like manipulation. These handy tools will allow you to move parts of an image around like the limbs of a doll.
  • Grain and artistic effects. Create superb, stunning, artistic images by simulating grain and other effects.

Plus literally DOZENS more tools which you can learn with ease. Almost anything you can think of, even the most advanced techniques, are covered in Learning Photoshop The Quick and Easy Way in a Day with very easy instructions. If you don’t think so, you can have your money back!

Over 600 PAGES contain hundreds of small, simple and concise exercises to follow as you read with hundreds of illustrations and screenshots.

200 practice images are included to work on!

The only way you can truly follow Learning Photoshop The Quick and Easy Way in a Day is to be able to do EXACTLY what you’re reading in the book. That’s why this manual comes with over 200 practice images for you to work on. What you see in the manual is what you’ll be able to see on your screen! That’s how effortless it is to learn.

It doubles up as an easy reference guide!

Don’t want to have to remember every detail? You don’t have to! This guide isn’t just a training manual. It’s your permanent reference guide which covers almost anything you could ever do with Photoshop. Ever unsure about something? Just open the guide and use the index to instantly find step-by-step instructions to follow.

A 600 page e-book as a PDF document. Ready to download, open and use right now!

  • No technical or knowledge required.
  • Covers all the features of CS6 and works with earlier versions.
  • Many small, simple, step-by-step tutorials with hundreds of easy-to-follow illustrations.
  • Over 200 practice images to work on so what you see in the book is EXACTLY what you see on screen.
  • Many small exercises to follow for hands-on learning. It’s the EASY and FUN way to master Photoshop.

You could be amazed at just how quickly you can learn how to use so many incredible tools just like the professionals.

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Learning Photoshop The Quick and Easy Way in a Day