Learn Ventriloquism: Ventriloquist Beginner’s Online Video Course


Learn Ventriloquism: Ventriloquist Beginner’s Online Video Course


Would You Like To Be A Ventriloquist? Then You Are In The Right Place!

The Online Video Course That Is Like Taking Private Lessons With A Professional Performer!

Ventriloquism Is The Hottest Form Of Variety Entertainment Around Today!

  • Jeff Dunham sells out arenas throughout the world.
  • Terry Fator headlines his own theatre in Las Vegas.
  • Jay Johnson won a Tony Award for his Broadway Show.

If you’ve enjoyed a performance by a professional performer and wish you could entertain people like that, – you can! Anyone who can talk can learn to be one, if they receive the proper instruction.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad instructions out there! There are free web site tutorials where the writer describes methods that will never produce the desired results.

All of this leaves the beginner confused and frustrated.

Some have tried to study it from books, but the techniques are hard to describe in print. Readers are left wondering what the author meant, which leads to additional hours of experimentation, with many never achieving the skill.

Others have tried to study it through records, CD’s and audio files. There, you miss important visuals that help advance the learning process.

People also try to study it from DVD’s and video lessons, but most viewers tend to watch the video straight through and forget, skip over or miss important steps in the learning process.


Introducing… Learn Ventriloquism: Ventriloquist Beginner’s Online Video Course

The course was designed and is presented by a professional performer. You will learn the proper techniques from a skilled performer, not an armchair coach.

High definition video is used to provide close up views and detailed instruction on difficult techniques. There is no guessing – you will understand exactly what is required to master each lesson.

You receive 36 lessons that build your skills correctly. The tutorial covers everything from proper breathing and lip control, to puppet manipulation, presentation skills, script writing and staging.

The lesson is is time released. Each day, you will receive information and have time to practice it before you can move forward. Just like taking real lessons, you can not overlook important steps, and you can not jump ahead!

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