Learn to Speak Spanish Fast – 30-day Conversational Course


Learn to Speak Spanish Fast – 30-day Conversational Course


The fast way to learn Spanish online.


Avoid complex grammar

You don’t need to be a grammar expert to learn. Start speaking quickly without getting bogged down with complex grammar rules.

Fast and Efficient

Based on proven rapid language methodology used to train diplomats and FBI agents, Learn to Speak Spanish Fast – 30-day Conversational Course gets you speaking the language in the shortest time possible.

Daily Lessons

Daily practice is the key to rapid progress. Our course includes 30 individual lessons to keep you on track.

Portable Audio

Convenient mp3 audio lessons can be played on your computer, tablet, iPod or smartphone allowing you to practice while driving to work, going to the gym, or walking the dog.

About the Course

Learn to Speak Spanish Fast – 30-day Conversational Course is an online course designed to teach you conversational Spanish over 30 lessons. Each lesson contains a series of mp3 audio exercises designed to train your brain how to listen and respond naturally in Spanish.

The course features native Spanish speakers conversing in common scenarios (e.g. going to the store, checking into an hotel), sequenced to progressively improve your ability to understand native Spanish conversation. When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to the member’s area of our website where you’ll have complete access to all 30 lessons of the course to take at your own pace.

Audio Drills

Our course is designed to ensure that you can actually use the material you learn in actual conversation. Instead of written exercises or fill in the blank worksheets, the audio drills are designed to reinforce your ability to understand and reproduce oral Spanish.

Dialogue-based training

This dialogue-based teaching method teaches you the art of conversation through the study of authentic dialogue between native speakers. Each dialogue includes complete audio, a written transcript, an English translation, definitions of new vocabulary terms, and complete explanations of key grammar.

Step-by-step instruction

While many language learning programs leave it up to you to figure out what to do next, this program carefully sequenced with individual lessons that build your skills progressively as you proceed through the course. Missed a couple days? Just pick up where you left off.


Learn to speak like native speakers

Learn to Speak Spanish Fast – 30-day Conversational Course’s dialogue-based learning approach helps you learn quickly through frequent exposure to real conversation. This approach allows you to learn naturally, with less reliance on rote memorization or abstract grammar.

Each lesson comes with reinforcing audio drills to help you master core skills and more easily recall what you have learned in real conversation.

No nonsense learning approach

Most language courses are designed for casual learners who are content to slowly improve their skills over months or years. This program is designed for serious learners who are looking to rapidly improve their speaking skills.

Based on a proven methodology used to teach FBI agents, and diplomats, Learn to Speak Spanish Fast – 30-day Conversational Course is ideal for travelers, foreign exchange students and others who need to rapidly improve their language skills.

The four keys to our rapid language acquisition method

Dialogue-centered – This dialogue-centric approach helps you to learn all of the necessary grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation within the context of real conversation – not flashcards or grammar books.

Audio-based – by working with audio, you master the ability to speak and understand oral Spanish, not just recognize words on paper.

Guided imitation – active listening and repetition of native speakers improves pronunciation and helps achieve fluency.

Progressive learning – each new lesson builds upon prior material to constantly reinforce what you’ve learned.

Who this course is for:

  • You’re about to take a trip to a foreign country
  • You’ve tried other methods but still struggle with actual conversation
  • You want the freedom to study on your own schedule
  • You already know the basics but need to improve conversational ability
  • You want to develop real-world language skills rather than memorize lots of rules

What you’ll get:

  • 30 audio-intensive lessons sequenced to take you from beginner to intermediate
  • Over 15 hours of MP3 audio featuring native speakers (to download or stream online)
  • Full transcripts with English translations
  • Itemized definitions of all vocabulary
  • Complete grammar explanations and drills for the most critical items of grammar
  • Advanced techniques that can cut your learning time by over 50%
  • Online access from any device (including iOs and Android phones)

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Learn to Speak Spanish Fast – 30-day Conversational Course