Learn to Speak Chinese Mandarin Online Course And Dvd


Learn to Speak Chinese Mandarin Online Course And Dvd


Here’s How To Start Speaking

– Everything You Need To Learn It
– Over 100 Pages
– How To Use Dictionaries
– Traveling to China
– Finding Movies and TV Shows
– Finding Language Partner
– How To Pronounce Tones
– Studying It Independently
– Instant Access After Purchase
– Techniques for Speaking, Reading, Writing & Listening

Introducing… Learn to Speak Chinese Mandarin Online Course And Dvd



CHAPTER ONE: Introduction 5

Brief History of the Language 5
Why Learning It is Important 7
What Makes It Unique 10
How This Book Will Help You Learn 14

CHAPTER TWO: Facts about the Language 16

Pinyin Pronunciation 16
Characters and How to Learn Them 20
Tones and How to Learn Them 23
How Its Grammar Works 28
Some Common Difficulties and How to Overcome Them 30

CHAPTER THREE: Classroom Chinese VS Independent Study 34

The positives and Negatives of Classroom Study 34
The Positives and Negatives of Independent Study 39
Why Independent Study is a Better Choice 44
How the Internet is Revolutionizing Language Learning 45

CHAPTER FOUR: Techniques for Learning Chinese Independently 47

Overcoming Your Fear 47
Pacing Yourself and Making a Schedule 50
Techniques for Speaking 51
Techniques for Listening 55
Techniques for Writing 57
Techniques for Reading 62
Techniques for Memorization 63

CHAPTER FIVE: Effective Resources for Learning Chinese 67

Finding a Good Dictionary 67
Finding a Language Partner 71
Finding Good Books 72
Movies and TV Shows 73
Music 76
Internet Resources 77

CHAPTER SIX: How to Immerse Yourself in the Language 79

Keeping up with Media 79
Creating an Environment at Home 80
Becoming Your Own Teacher 82
Learning Cultural Arts 83
Keeping a Journal or Blog 88
Using It at Work 90
Becoming Your Own Conversation Partner 93
Using Social Networking 94
Dating Chinese and Making Close Friends 95

CHAPTER SEVEN: Traveling to China 97

Going to China on a Short Trip 97
Studying Abroad 102
Finding Work 103
Best Ways to Use It Once in China 104
How to Retain It When You Leave 104

CHAPTER EIGHT: Final Thoughts 106

Bibliography and Resources 109

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Learn to Speak Chinese Mandarin Online Course And Dvd