Learn Piano Fast


Learn Piano Fast


Playing piano is a great thing to do, however it does seem daunting at first. It is one of the easiest instruments to play.

All it takes is a few lessons to feel comfortable and a few more to be able to play simple songs. In no time at all you will be rocking. Of course you will want to do it properly, with no bad habits creeping in.

How would you like to learn?

With Music
With Chords
Brush up on Scales
Brush up on Chords
You can play a little but need guidance or solve a problem

You can do any of these using an easy to follow video lessons, that you can take 24 hours a day, in fact any time that suits you. With the guidance and unlimited support you won’t fail.

You too can learn to play piano, just like the 4000 students who enjoy the lessons every day. Age is no barrier young or old.

Piano and Keyboard Made Easy. Learn to play piano and keyboard without music. Fast and easy. Perfect for beginners without music.

The course teaching piano chords that is also used as a video chord book. Once the basics are known more chords are essential, making this course essential for you to expand your repertoire.

Learn all the popular scales to take your playing skywards fast. Scales form the basis of all music, Knowing scales makes solos, easy for you to learn and play with ease. Master the piano by really knowing what fits where.

Learn to play piano in the traditional way by using music. This course follows a traditional industry standard text-book (Available worldwide) ensuring a normal curriculum is followed.

This section contains lessons to assist with problems or add extra techniques that may be required.

Who you learn from


Jackie is a qualified music teacher with over 25 years experience. She has taught thousands of students to play piano, keyboard and guitar. She has a 100% success rate with exam students, proving her abilities to teach you. The Jackie Clark Story

Step By Step Learning At Your Own Pace

You will soon notice how fast your abilities improve week by week. In no time at all you will feel comfortable sitting at the keyboard, confident you know how much you are improving. In just a few weeks you will be learning to play your favorite songs. Then you can move on to the more advanced courses. Advanced courses always use in the same style to ensure your success and will propel your playing to new heights, with Jackie holding your hand all the way while teaching you.

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Learn Piano Fast