Learn More Study Less Video Course Download


Learn More Study Less Video Course Download


Introducing… Learn More Study Less Video Course Download


Using the tactics in Learn More Study Less Video Course Download, you will:

  • Ace university finals with little or no studying.
  • Score first in an advanced inter-province chemistry exam.
  • Read over 70 books in a year.
  • Score in the top three percentile for a national exam. Despite never having taken the course being tested.
  • Minimize course work to maintain an A average while running a business, taking frequent international trips and still having time to socialize and party.

How is This Possible?

The answer is holistic learning.

What is holistic learning? Holistic learning is basically the opposite of rote memorization. Rote memorization forces you to pound information into your skull with the hopes that it will stick later.

Holistic learning does the opposite. Instead of memorizing, you learn by making connections between ideas. This is closer to how your brain actually works, and it allows you to “get” a subject, not just spit out a list of formulas.

Here’s what you’ll be getting when you sign up for Learn More Study Less Video Course Download:

  • The complete 228-page edition of the guide.
  • Six worksheets to take you from theory to practice in implementing the ideas.
  • The 38-page Case-Study Manual. In this manual, I take a step-by-step look at how six different learners successfully applied the ideas, including:
  • How one student went from failing in chemistry and mathematics to scoring 85% using just one technique in the guide.
  • Another learner used the tactics to ace a professional designation exam while studying a month less than normally needed for the course.
  • One student who experienced a 75% reduction in his studying time, while actually scoring better grades.
  • Three expert audio interviews with accompanying notes, which include advice from:

– Benny, an octolingual polyglot, who recently became fluent in German in just three months.
– Liam, a teacher and tutoring company owner who himself went from B’s and C’s to straight A+’s, sharing how any student can turn around their grades.
– Kalid, founder BetterExplained.com, sharing how he’s able to create intuitive, obvious explanations for advanced mathematics and science classes.

  • The full 12 class modules in the video course, showing you how to:

– Speed read
– Remember vocabulary words with amazing accuracy (and far less time) than by rote
– Set up a killer productivity system to nuke your procrastination
– Study for exams holistically
– Use mental pictures to “get” hard math, physics or chemistry concepts the first time
– Dissect a course, to know exactly which tactics to use to ace the class
– Set goals you’ll actually achieve
– Handle a crisis before an upcoming exam
– Create metaphors easily, to understand ideas faster
– Take flow-based notes, so you learn in less time
– Learn more and study less with 6 hours of step-by-step instruction

3 Ways to Get it Today

There are three ways you can get the course and start learning better:

Holistic Learning Ninja Edition – $67

– Contains everything from the course, plus a free month’s subscription to Learning on Steroids, which offers weekly ass-kicking emails, learning forums and access to Scott if you want coaching or help. Future months will be billed at $14 per month, but you can easily unsubscribe at any time. (For those confused, this edition really does have everything, the only disadvantage is you have to email me to cancel if you don’t want future billing. That’s the only difference between this and the Complete Video Course.)

The Complete Video Course – $67

– Contains all the material from the video-course, including the expert audio interviews and all 12 video modules, but without the free month of Learning on Steroids. Get this if you’re already a Learning on Steroids member or you want to train the tactics on your own.

Guide-Only Edition – $39

– This is an enhancement of the original, best-selling guide. With it, you get just the written guide, case studies and worksheets.

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