Learn Iphone App Development With Swift & Xcode – 8 Week Course


Learn Iphone App Development With Swift & Xcode – 8 Week Course


Enjoy premium course material, and learn to use off-the-shelf tools like Balsamiq, TestFlight, Parse, Google Analytics, Strikingly, Crittercism and many more.

Introducing… Learn Iphone App Development With Swift & Xcode – 8 Week Course


A pro course with premium education material for serious aspiring developers, teaching you development of your own iPhone-apps with Xcode and Swift. The course takes 8 weeks to complete, with a weekly module released each week. Expect 8 hours of study each week. It’s made by professional developer Reinder de Vries.

  •  No prior programming experience required
  • Learn to publish your own
  • Master tools like Parse and TestFlight
  • 8 week course, 1 day study per week
  • Only for serious aspiring coders

Topics Of The Course

What are you going to master?

  • Swift, Apple’s new programming language
  • iOS SDK and Xcode, needed for making native-apps
  • Parse Core, used for cloud-based data warehousing
  • Crittercism, for debugging production-apps
  • Balsamiq, for creating app mockups
  • TestFlight, for beta distribution
  • Google Analytics For Mobile, for measuring user engagement
  • Strikingly, for creating an app-landing-page

Q&A Community Access Included

Stuck with a programming problem, or do you want to discuss app ideas? The Pro Course features 3-month access to the Questions and Answers Community.

Course Modules

Module 1: Basics of Programming

You’ll learn about variables, functions, classes, instances, procedural and object-oriented programming. Learn how to work with Xcode, compile and run them in the iPhone-Simulator. We’ll really start with the basics, no programming experience required. All course material is written in Swift, Apple’s new programming language. It’s easy for beginners and grows with you when you reach intermediate and advanced levels of understanding.

Module 2: Working with the iOS SDK

You’ll learn how to create controllers, layouts, views and buttons with Xcode and Interface Builder. We’re not going to use Storyboards and Auto Layout, pure code aided by Interface Builder gives greater influence in the end result. During this module you’ll learn how to work with standard interface elements like buttons, picker views, navigation bars, tab bars, web views, and so on.

Module 3: Creating mockups

Learn to design before you code, so no programming this week. You’ll learn how to create a mockup in Balsamiq Mockups, and use that as a blueprint. It’s important: avoid the typical “a developer shouldn’t design” fallacy by learning about design. We’ll talk about positioning, proximity, alignment and the iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

Module 4: Intermediate Swift Programming

Broaden your knowledge of programming by learning about the iOS ecosystem, compilation, and debugging with Crittercism. Get a better understanding of Swift by learning about memory management, background processing, app lifecycle, and paradigms like delegation, multi-threading, sorting and closures.

Module 5: Working With The Web

First, we rig our News Reader app with a simple web-based JSON API using Alamofire. Then, we’ll replace that and create our own cloud-based data warehouse with Parse. Finally, we integrate with Google Analytics for Mobile to see how users engage with it.

Module 6: Working With Data Storage and Peripherals

We put a brain in our app by storing data offline with Parse. You’ll learn to use tools like user defaults, and how to take and store pictures on the iPhone. Then, we’ll implement the GPS location service and use accelerometer input to interact with the app.

Module 7: Start To Finish

As a grand finale, we build an entire app from start to finish. It’s a social-stream-app, and it allows users to create a timeline of information with pictures and status updates. A user can befriend another user, and then see their timeline. It’ll involve complex programming, but it’s gonna be awesome. You could say, it’s a Do-It-Yourself Facebook!

Module 8: Publishing and Testing

Learn the steps required for putting it in the iOS App Store. From creating an archive, to enrolling in the iOS Developer Program, to uploading it for review, and finally placing it in the App Store. We’ll also distribute your app to beta testers with TestFlight.

Module X: Create A Landing Page

Due to popular demand, you’ll learn just one more thing: creating an app-landing-ppage with Strikingly. Learn how to come up with some great texts, take photos of them and persuade your potential customers to download it.

Course Benefits

Make Money

Once you’re done with the course, you’re ready to code and publish your own. Make money with your ideas by putting them into the iOS App Store!

Start to Finish: 8 Weeks

The Pro Course is only 2 months long, with a course module released each week. This saves you time.

Accountability & Overwhelm

The course modules are clear and concise, so you won’t get information overwhelm. We track your progress and keep you accountable.

Learn It Right

We’ll dive into TestFlight, Mobile App Analytics, Parse, libraries like Alamofire, Xcode, and Swift. You’ll save yourself time and troubleshooting by learning the best off-the-shelf tools available.

Save Time & Effort

The course is up-to-date and has tightly integrated materials. That saves you time Googling for actual information, following other courses or reading too many books about programming.

It’s a Steal

The Learn Iphone App Development With Swift & Xcode – 8 Week Course takes you where other courses don’t go: enabling you to make your-own-apps. When you’ve finished the course, you are ready to make your investment back.

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Learn Iphone App Development With Swift & Xcode – 8 Week Course