Learn How To Draw Caricatures Step by Step Video Course


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Whether you just want to learn to draw in an easy way to make people laugh and have fun when you draw their face in a fun way, or you want to learn some of the tricks, then this is the product you have been looking for.

Introducing… Learn How To Draw Caricatures Step by Step Course


Suppose you could find a way that guaranteed your artistic success with a constant flow of work that most other commercial artists or illustrators miss out on or overlook completely, what would that do to the lifestyle you could be leading, just by learning the secrets on how to draw caricatures?

Imagine … being able to find out the secret formula to caricature success, from someone who has built a solid career over the past 30 years as you share in his secret ways to learn to draw caricatures and make a little money if you fancy as a caricature artist.

Imagine … having the skills to draw caricatures that most people will not believe you could do!

Imagine … the way you are going to feel when you uncover a stream of work that is constant, consistent and shows no sign of going out of fashion anytime soon!

Imagine … making extra money for drawing funny faces that is really easy to do!

Learn How To Draw Caricatures Step by Step Video Course

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t if you know how, by finding the easy way to learn to draw caricatures.

Learn this from someone who has all the tips, tactics and trade secrets as a professional artist and tutor. Just take a look at one of the videos in the learn to draw caricatures home study course, to get an idea of the type of instruction provided for you to learn to draw caricatures.

Think about it for a moment

What you can learn from here could take you years to figure out on your own. Not only will this show you how to learn to draw caricatures, you’ll learn exactly where to go to actually earn a little extra money.

How could the cartoonist be such a successful model for your art business? Well the answer lies here… The “Caricature Artist” is the life of any party or event and someone who makes people laugh and have fun, and there’s a good reason for this.

While other guests at a party are standing around making small talk, YOU are there making people smile as you dish out FUN by the “bucket load” with your crazy cartoons of the guests.

Simply put, Caricaturing is fun and the best part is you can get paid to do it and paid quite handsomely! There are tons of work assignments for this type of work and with the right instruction you too can find this work flow that simply remains consistent and provides repeat business year after year.

But figuring out how to draw Caricatures that people “love and are prepared to pay for” is the Hard Part …

It could take you years and could cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combination of technique and approach that make some cartoonists “highly successful and in constant demand” while others fall flat on their faces.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with the right combination of style and techniques to take your cartooning skills to the next level, you can now learn it inside this new learn to draw caricatures home study course:

Learn How To Draw Caricatures Step by Step Course

At last! Your exclusive pathway to learn to draw caricatures successfully and make a little extra money from your art skills. 30 Years in the making – yours to take!

Which of These Powerful Secrets Could You Use to Bolster Your Ability as an Artist?

  • Secret cartoon techniques that make everything from your subjects pose to the fine details of your subjects “eyes and smile” so simple, that even if you have never draw a cartoon before you could easily learn! (see page 74)
  • The almost completely forgotten and entirely over-looked Secret supply of cartooning work that nearly every artist misses out on! (see page 96)
  • The one surefire Secret way to get your subjects to pose they way you want that ensures a great caricature every single time – that few artists know about! (see page 51)
  • The Secret no-bones-about-it approach to facial feature exaggeration and when it is safe to use it without ever upsetting your subject!
    (see page 76)
  • 6 Steps to securing your first customer at your first job as a caricature artist! (see page 90)
  • 3 Easy Ways to make caricaturing instantly profitable – plus lots more fun ways to learn to draw caricatures.

So What’s Included In the Total Package?

You get the following incredible package of STEP BY STEP resources:

  • 7 days of tuition, tips and tricks from the master artist himself guaranteed to raise the profitability of your art business
  • 10 Videos showing you step by step just how to create show stopping caricatures
  • Exclusive! 3D Poses engine that works right on the page of the ebook, helping you to master the art of drawing hands, feet and heads from any angle you choose
  • Over 400 drawings and poses for you to learn every detail and trick of the masterful art of Graeme Biddle.

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Learn How To Draw Caricatures Step by Step Video Course